Banks and Fossil Fuels: Disinvestment actions February 2015

Grandparents at the Bristol Flashmob!

photo 2

Huge Investments by some UK Banks in Fossil Fuels are damaging Planet Earth.
A number of reputable scientists and economists including the former UK Government Chief Scientist Sir David King; Lord Stern, the author of the Stern Report on Climate Change; and staff at the Potsdam Institute, have expressed concern that the majority of the known reserves of fossil fuels will have to be left in the ground if the internationally agreed 2 degree C limit in temperature increase is to be honoured.
Instead of working to leave fossil fuels in the ground and massively to invest in renewables and energy efficiency, some of the large UK Banks appear to be placing their profits before our security with the outcome that the generations which follow us will inherit a seriously damaged Earth.



1. One of our members closed his account at a Bristol branch of Santander.

According to, Santander Bank has over £3.5bn invested in oil, gas and coal extraction.


2. We took part in Bristol Disinvest’s Flashmob at Barclays Bank in Broadmead, Bristol.

photo 4(1)

3. One of our members disinvested from her account at the Taunton branch of RBS.

disinvesting at RBS Taunton

It was cold, wet, windy and very enjoyable, publicising the fact that, according to, RBS has over £14bn invested in oil, gas and coal extraction.


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