Protestors rebrand the Dept. of Energy and Climate Change as Dept. for Extreme Climate Change, 30th November 2015

2015-11-30 09.45.41Grandparents for a Safe Earth is a secular and non-party-political  organisation which aims to be as inclusive as possible. Our members include different faiths and ideologies. We are willing to put on our website actions by a different group if one or more of our members have taken part. We do so today with a report of this action by five members of Christian Climate Action, one of whom is GfaSE member Phil Kingston (Second from the left in this photo). 


Five members of Christian Climate Action, Ruth Jarman, Westley Ingrams, Helen Whithall, Martin Newell and Phil Kingston, whitewashed the wall of the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) in London on Monday 30th November and wrote Dept for Extreme Climate Change in large black letters. They wanted to make a stand against the death and destruction that is being aided by the policies of the Dept. of Energy and Climate Change. ”It speaks fine words about the seriousness of climate change, but its current policies are undermining global efforts to confront this threat, most importantly at the meeting of world leaders at the Paris Summit this week. E.g. it has excluded new onshore wind farms from a subsidy scheme a year earlier than planned; brought in budget changes which reduced the incentive to buy low-emission vehicles; and scrapped the policy for new homes to be carbon neutral”.

 The five, acting on the first day of the Climate Summit in Paris, arrived at the DECC wearing white paint suits with ‘DECC’ on them. They delivered a letter to Amber Rudd, the Energy and Climate Change Secretary, whitewashed part of the wall, re-branded it as the ‘Dept for Extreme Climate Change’ and then knelt around a skeleton in a ‘whitewashed tomb’ and prayed until they were arrested.

They were charged with criminal damage and bailed to appear at Westminster Magistrates Court on 15th December, when they pleaded not guilty and will stand trial at Hammersmith Magistrates Court on 31st May.

There is a video of this action at


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