Who we are

We are a network of grandparents and elders who care deeply about the world our descendants will inherit.

Group Photo

We have learned that the current plans of energy companies and governments will, if not radically changed, put our grandchildren’s future at risk. According to the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report for 2013, climate change is being caused primarily by fossil fuel emissions.

October action - outside

Our Vision:

We hold to the principle that ‘the organism which destroys its environment destroys itself’ (Gregory Bateson).

We want the Earth’s eco-systems to be kept as intact as possible, thus giving security and well-being to those who follow us.

We want to leave behind us social structures and cultures which acknowledge our primary dependence upon the Earth. We want these structures and cultures to promote:

  •  the full dignity of children, women and men;
  • the intrinsic value of all life on Earth;
  • policies which take account of the needs of future generations;
  • relationships based upon co-operation and the peaceful resolution of conflicts.