4th June ’17: sett-surveying

The meeting and sett surveying day in the Forest of Dean went well today. Much of the area is known by locals and setts being monitored here, South Gloucestershire and in the 2 Gloucestershire cull zones.

With sett surveying it is easy to be overawed by the immensity of the task however as with all large tasks it can be reduced to bite size chunks. 10 square miles to cover is a lot but let us say someone can spare 4 hours every 2 weeks and can do say 1 sq mile…within 6 months the job is done, within a year 20 sq miles, within 2 years 40 sq miles, all surveyed by one person.

Please consider helping to survey. Operation sett survey Gloucestershire and Worcestershire is well underway and we are happy to show people what needs doing

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