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Duchy of Cornwall signed up to Wiltshire cull

*** Land owned by Duchy of Cornwall signed up for culling in the Wiltshire cull zone – please share ***

Last week we received a tip-off from a credible source that land owned by Prince Charles (Duchy of Cornwall) in Gloucestershire is signed up to the Wiltshire cull. The information received was that it’s “not just Highgrove” meaning that smaller, fragmented bits of land with tenant farmers may also be included. If that land was signed up, what other areas near the Glos-Wilts border would also be involved? 

With experienced people living locally and having already started to sett-survey the southern areas of Gloucestershire at the end of last year’s cull in anticipation of future zones, we were straight on coordinating the area. Very soon reports were coming in that culling activity was being found South West of Tetbury, outside of the area initially thought to be the Wilts zone (including on land owned by Duchy of Cornwall). Activity was then found North East of Tetbury, again including land owned by Duchy of Cornwall.

What is worrying is the vicinity of bait points on one of these bits of land that have been set up for ‘free shooting’ to the A433 and the limitations of directions available to shoot – towards the sett, towards the A-road, towards another road, from a cramped corner and in the direction of a footpath…

We continue to search the southern areas of Gloucestershire, finding new information about areas involved in culling each day. Support us if you can – we’re now actively coordinating 3 areas in Gloucestershire: