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Nov 24

Toby Kendall / “Ken Tobias”

Original expose from Plane Stupid, July 2008 (Note: C2i was also where Becki Todd started out. They have since disappeared. Links from the following statement have been removed as they are no longer active.) MOLE HUNT: More Austin Powers than James Bond Since late summer 2007, an employee of a corporate espionage agency has been …

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Mar 16

Mark Kennedy

Mark “Stone” / Kennedy The account of Mark Kennedy / Stone has been well documented in the Guardian and in the interviews he gave to the Mail on Sunday. Many of the articles can be found at with key ones being given below. Original expose on Indymedia PowerBase Chronology of known activities Article 1 …

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Mar 10

Paul Mercer

Corporate spy was active in Nottingham Nottingham Indymedia 8th February 2011. The Mark Kennedy case has thrown the world of police and private spying on activists into the spotlight. One of the many revelations about Kennedy is that he can be linked to private spying company Global Open. Kennedy worked as a consultant for …

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Mar 08

Becki Todd

Rebecca Todd / Vericola Ltd Statement from Over the last year climate action groups have become aware that they have been targeted by a private security firm who has been gathering information to sell on to a variety of companies. The following is an account of what is known about them. The centre of …

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