‘Green’ Economy or Greed Economy?

Rio+20 Teach-in. Saturday March 24th 2012, 11am to 5pm, London Feminist Library http://feministlibrary.co.uk/visit-us,

In June this year, twenty years after the original 1992 Earth Summit, the United Nations will once again bring together a conference to discuss the environment and the global economy. The conference hopes to discuss what they call the ‘green economy’, a follow-on concept from ‘sustainable development’.

The ‘green economy’ consists of (i) giving nature and ‘ecosystem services’ a financial value which can be used to facilitate trading, as has already taken place for carbon emissions, and (ii) using new ‘green’ technologies such synthetic biology/biomass and ‘geo-engineering’ to combat environmental problems.

Hope or hype? Will new technologies build a real green economy or perpetuate the current greedeconomy?

  • · Whose interests are served by such technocratic ‘green solutions’?
  • · What are the risks of synthetic biology and geoengineering?
  • · What’s wrong with putting financial values on nature?
  • · Can we build a real green economy based upon economic justice?

Come join the debate, learn the latest details. Speakers and support from: Luddites200, ETCgroup, the Land Magazine, EcoLabs and others. The event is free (bring lunch to share) but participants are encouraged to donate £2-10 to support the London Feminist Library. http://feministlibrary.co.uk  Because there is limited space we also encourage you to register in advance http://t.co/o4ecIBlO

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