COVID-19: Under Lockdown

I’m sitting in my room. The entire country is under lockdown. Dozens of countries are declaring curfews and lockdowns each day.

I’m bored. I feel like my time isn’t being utilized efficiently. Since there isn’t much to do, I divide a huge portion of my time to scrolling down the news updates, sending messages on Signal, and going through the rooms on Matrix.

We’ve been under lockdown for the past few days. Has the situation improved? Nope. Has the number of new infected cases lowered? Nope. Is the curve flattening? Not at all.

This is what happens when people undermine the severity of a critical situation. They are dragged into a crisis.

There are almost 100 new cases from my geographical region everyday. It has been that way for about 5 days now. I had predicted it over a week before the numbers started climbing. It doesn’t take a genius to predict an international crisis. All it takes is a keen eye, a sharp mind and an observant nature. Anyone who had followed the Wuhan Coronavirus epidemic could tell that a similar crisis would occur if it spread to their country.

So what’s happening around the world today?

  1. Dozens of countries under complete lockdown
  2. Hundreds and thousands of new infected cases being tested everyday
  3. The healthcare system is at full capacity and overwhelmed by the new cases
  4. Lack of adequate medical facilities to take care of new cases
  5. Patients are lying on the corridor and hallway floors as there is lack of beds and ventilators in the hospitals
  6. Older patients left untreated to die from the virus
  7. Government lying and covering up about their incapability to combat with the pandemic
  8. Lockdown has led to lack of food and essential supplies
  9. Many people are starving and will eventually die of hunger
  10. People are committing suicide due to inability to live in isolation
  11. Some infected individuals are knowingly spreading the virus by walking freely in the community and contaminating everything
  12. Governments have mobilized the use of drones and firefighters to disinfect the streets and buildings
  13. Governments have activated national surveillance systems to track infected cases and their contacts’ whereabouts
  14. Contacts of infected cases are put under mandatory isolation
  15. Massive quarantine centers being set up in various countries to deal with the large number of infections
  16. Economy is going down the drain
  17. Government is pumping money into the system to keep it afloat. But for how long?
  18. Hundreds of people are dying everyday. Funeral homes and crematory centers are overwhelmed by the massive influx of dead bodies
  19. Politicians are scrambling to pin the blame on their opponents amidst the crisis
  20. Mainstream media has failed to cover the reality of the pandemic
  21. Independent journalists and citizens are sharing real-time footage clips on social media to alert the general public on the crisis
  22. 21 million cell phones in China have gone dark. What happened to those people? Are they dead?
  23. Whistleblowers are being arrested in other countries for “spreading misinformation”
  24. Citizens in lockdown, isolation and quarantine are getting tired of staying indoors all day everyday. The police have been authorized to use force to keep them in control

So what happens next?

I predict at least 10,000 infected cases in my geographical region within 2 weeks. At least a billion infected cases globally since and as the curve will not flatten.

Many democratic governments will turn into dictatorship regimes and many regimes will collapse under anarchy. The economy will collapse but recover eventually. When the pandemic war is over, a civil war will uprise to hold the incompetent leaders responsible.



The last time I was here, I tried to put together a definite timeline of the Novel Coronavirus infection and how it spread. However, the timeline stopped in China, midway through what was quickly becoming an international epidemic.

Today I’m here to talk about the global pandemic, my views on it, and my predictions.

I’ve spent every morning over the last few weeks going through the news and leaked footage on YouTube and Liveleak. I’ve watched a national disaster become a global disaster through the eyes of the media, and the victims on the frontlines who shared their firsthand experiences through social media with the rest of the world.

As I watched the infection spread to South Korea, Japan, Iran, Italy and USA, I realized it was just a matter of time before the virus came into my city.

Currently, there are 337402 confirmed cases globally and 14676 people have died from the virus. Other than China, the virus has spread at an alarming rate in Italy, US, Spain, Germany, Iran and France, each of which have had 1000 – 5000 newly confirmed cases within the past 24 hours!

Now, let me focus on my current geographical location. The current number of confirmed cases here are 468. Over the past 3 days, the cases have risen by almost 60-70+ each day. When the first cases of the infection were confirmed by the government, they said there was nothing to worry about, and the situation was under control. I believe that’s exactly what the Chinese government said, and still says to this day.

Not only did the government downplay the threat level of the virus, they even declared that local people need not wear masks unless they were infected. As of today, that is still their official narrative: Do not wear face masks unless you’re infected or are in close contact with an infected person.

Currently, New York has over 20,000 confirmed cases. Trump declared it a disaster a few days ago, and now has launched the National Guards into the area. There have been over 5000 deaths in Italy, and the entire country has been in lockdown for weeks now.

Seeing that the number of infections has continue to spread exponentially worldwide, the government here has finally come to it’s senses and declared complete lockdown. But at what cost? At this time, I suspect there have been over 1000 community transmissions through the nation. Over the next week, regardless of their lockdown, that number will multiply to at least 5000, and double that the week after.

The government has insisted on not performing local community testing since the first infection over a month ago. They’ve been convinced that only foreigners and people who traveled to infected regions could possibly carry the virus. But now their illusion is shattering before their weak eyes, their brains are crumbling under pressure, and they are on the verge of collapsing just like the top infected countries I mentioned earlier.

How bad is it going to get? 10,000+ infections within the next 2 weeks. That is, if they are even able to test that many people. If they don’t, that number will double and quadruple over the next month and this nation will have more deaths than Italy.

When I went to purchase face masks a couple of weeks ago, I was met with puzzled faces and mockery. Everyone said I was delusional and that the virus would not spread here. Oh well, it has. There have been curfews the past few days and now complete lockdown.

I told people to stock up on groceries and essentials with at least a months supply. They thought I was an idiot. Well guess what? All malls and shopping centers have remained closed today with notices to remain shut till the end of the month. And, with the new lockdown in place, I predict that they’ll remain closed for at least 2 more weeks after that.

More people will die of hunger and starvation than the Coronavirus. Yep! It’s happened in China. It will happen here, and everywhere else.

A friend of mine said the summer temperatures would kill the virus. I said it wouldn’t. Not until there were hundreds of thousands of fatalities in every country and at least a million dead worldwide.

Call me a pessimist or a terrible human being. I’m just stating the facts. When you disregard the laws of Mother Nature, it will lead to an unthinkable disaster. Combine that with incompetent governments and stupid citizens and you will see as many fatalities as I predicted.

Although the Wuhan wet market was shut down, there are still many wet markets operating across China and the South East Asian countries. People are still eating pangolins, bats, snakes, dogs and frogs. In USA, college students are still partying hard with no regards to the growing pandemic. Over here, people are still gathering in masses without protective gear. Life for many fools is going on as usual. Meanwhile many idiots in the English-speaking countries are stocking up on toilet paper like it’s oxygen. I suppose no one told them they could wash their arse if there was no toilet paper? How do you survive a pandemic with toilet rolls as your priority in the shopping list? Instead of stocking up on a month’s supply of food items, they’re stocking up on toilet rolls. How does the conversation go after a week in lockdown? “Mom! What’s for dinner?” “Oh sweety, we’ve run out of food, but there’s ton’s of toilet rolls in case you wanna take a dump!”

This is the state of the current population in the world. A bunch of self-serving morons with no regards for their own health or the well-being of others. How could you possibly expect the pandemic to slow down?

In this country, the situation will get as critical as China in every sense of the word. The government will ultimately decide to clamp down the numbers, provide false reports through the media, and incinerate dozens of live patients. People will be taken away by government minions to unsanitary quarantine zones with no hygiene or essential facilities, many will be “gotten rid of”, hundreds of thousands will starve to death and others will commit suicide as the lockdowns extend indefinitely. Oh yeah. It sounds too paranoid and fictitious to be true. Until you explore the alternative media and see it for yourselves. It’s happened in China. It will happen here, and in many other countries as well.

Novel Coronavirus : COVID-19 (2019-nCoV) Timeline

It’s time to paint a picture of the unseen details – what the government and the media isn’t really telling you.

I’m going to start from the beginning, and will continue updating this post as the epidemic consumes the planet.

  1. A bunch of people go down with pneumonia. First cases in China, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, USA, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, France, Vietnam, Nepal, Canada, Australia, Germany, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Finland, UAE, Philippines, India, UK, Italy, Russia, Belgium, Egypt, Iran, Singapore, Israel, Lebanon, Oman, Kuwait, Iraq, Bahrain, Afghanistan, Switzerland, Croatia, Austria, ALgeria, Romania, Pakistan, Norway, North Macedonia, Greece, Georgia, Brazil, Nigeria, Netherlands, Estonia, Denmark, Monaco, Mexico, New Zealand, Lithuania, Iceland, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Qatar, Luxembourg, Ireland, Ecuador, Czech Republic, Armenia, Tunisia, Senegal, Saudi Arabia, Portugal, Morocco, Jordan, Indonesia, Andorra, Ukraine… In that order
  2. Dr Li Wenliang blows the whistle
  3. China arrests 8 doctors
  4. Wuhan medical authorities censor all medical staff
  5. Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market is closed
  6. Wuhan implements screening for travelers
  7. People start dying
  8. China undermines the threat of Coronavirus in the media
  9. North Korea closes borders
  10. WHO undermines the threat of Coronavirus
  11. China quarantines 5 cities
  12. China quarantines 12 cities
  13. Wuhan builds two emergency hospitals. They’re as reliable as the Chinese products come. Rainfall leaks through the roof
  14. China locks down Wuhan
  15. Doctor Li Wenliang dies
  16. China bans trade of wild animals
  17. Wuhan mayor resigns
  18. US and Japan evacuate citizens from Wuhan
  19. Several airlines suspend flights to China
  20. Russia closes its border
  21. Mongolia closes its border
  22. Singapore bans Chinese
  23. China reports bird flu
  24. Wuhan goes into North Korea prison camp mode
  25. Infant tested positive 30 hours after birth
  26. Japan quarantines cruise ship
  27. Chinese authorities begin to hunt down and round up suspected coronavictims into their quarantined prison camps
  28. Panic buying in Singapore
  29. China fires two senior Hubei Province health officials
  30. Deaths over 1000
  31. Vietnam quarantines 10000 people
  32. China fires top party officials
  33. Reported cases in the media increase tenfold, deaths double
  34. China says 1700+ health workers have been infected
  35. People’s Bank of China decides to burn all used currency from hospitals, buses and markets
  36. China locks down 760 million people
  37. WHO acknowledges threat level of Coronavirus
  38. Russia bans all Chinese
  39. China expels Wall Street reporters
  40. 2000+ deaths confirmed
  41. Iran undermines Coronavirus threat level
  42. Italy goes on lockdown
  43. Iran and Italy have the highest infections after China
  44. Iran goes on delayed lockdown
  45. San Francisco delcares state of emergency
  46. Trump props Mike Pence to take the fall for Coronavirus
  47. 3000+ deaths
  48. Florida declares state of emergency

New Year’s Resolutions – 2020

  1. Perfect my spiritual life
    • Daily Mangala aarti
    • Daily service
    • Listen to lectures/kirtanas whilst performing services
    • Daily kirtanas in the evenings except Saturdays
  2. Create an online journal summarizing my daily activities
  3. Watch more informational videos and documentaries; share them online for the record
  4. Get at least 6-8 hours of sleep daily
  5. Daily physical exercises to keep my muscles active and strong
  6. Do a health checkup (overdue by a few weeks. This should probably be at the top of the list)
  7. Take pictures daily, post them online at least on a weekly basis
  8. Take a day off every fortnight (or as necessary) to rest and rejuvenate
  9. Start recording videos and post them online
  10. Make every day count. At the end of each day, I should be able to proudly say that I accomplished something meaningful/important, especially regarding my spiritual life.

This is a pretty basic list which has been long overdue. Some of the activities on this list have been planned on and procrastinated for several years now.

It’s time to do it right.

Happy New Year!

A Year In Review: 2019

It was a good year; certainly not the best.

In 2019, I finally took an extended break from all social media platforms. I had always wondered how life would be like if I didn’t log into some social network every single day and scrolled for hours on end through strangers’ posts. At some point in life, I felt like a loser after endless visuals of other people’s fantastic lives. A part of me felt lost, like I didn’t really know what I doing or where I was heading. I was stuck in a loop of depressing thoughts. And so I quit. I logged out of my social media accounts and didn’t return for days, and weeks, and then months. In the meantime, I had to find myself a new hobby, or so I thought. But I ended up adopting a completely new lifestyle. Not one I hadn’t imagined before, but one I wasn’t really sure was for me.

So where have I been?

For the first 3 months, I was prepping myself for a routine. I got strong. The next 6 months were a constant grind to accomplish one goal. I had plenty of time to rest, go online, read the news and look into alternative lifestyles and things to do. Then came the ultimatum – the year was coming to an end, I’d got a huge part of myself together, but I still wasn’t getting much done (not like the others anyway. Everybody seemed to have their stuff together. I was just dragging along the sidelane.)

I fell sick a couple of times. Managed to get through it all. Learned a few hard lessons too.

These past 3 months have been hectic. I’ve barely had 8 hours of sleep on any given day – and that too, not on a single stretch. My sleep pattern has completely changed. I’ve been sleeping in shifts of 2-3 hours in between work. Work is a hard term. It’s more of lifestyle. Something that I do because it’s what I’m good at, and it helps me sleep and feel a sense of accomplishment. Nonetheless, it’s hectic, time-consuming, and tiring. I wake up at 3:00 a.m. every morning and go to bed at around midnight. I do take naps in the middle of the day so that keeps me going.

I’m doing volunteer work now. It’s free service for the Lord. I don’t get paid. I don’t have a source of income. I do get free meals though – twice a day, but I usually take one.

What made me choose this lifestyle? It’s actually pretty easy to explain and makes sense, to me, at least. Not to the others though. People just don’t get it, regardless of the logic, analysis, reasoning and a sense of keen focus and purpose behind the decision.

I stopped focusing on other people. Instead of chasing after others and trying to make friends and get involved in social circles, I’ve dropped out. I find solace in my solitude and company with the walls around me. I have no expectations from anyone. It’s much better this way. There is no scope for rejection, disappointment, frustration, sadness or anger.

And finally, in many years, I have managed to somewhat stop thinking about other people and getting involved in their lives. To a great extent, I have managed to stop caring about them and do not feel anything about them. I am neither friend nor foe. I am nobody to them, and they, nothing to me.

This part of the journey commences with me walking alone. It feels like a huge burden has been lifted off my shoulders. A few years ago, I would never have imagined myself being this detached. But time and the world has toughened my spirit.

I updated my websites now. It’s time to give my online presence a new life – sensible and focused.

Public Disconnect

I tried to live my life according to people’s expectations for several years. But it never worked out because I was different. No matter how hard I tried, I always fell short of people’s expectations.

Society in general expects you to go to school when you’re young, go to university and get a degree, get a job, buy a house, buy a car, get married, have a bunch of kids, go on holiday trips you never planned for, visit friends and relatives you didn’t want to see, and buy a load of stuff that you didn’t need.

I’ve seen everybody go through the same phases in life. But the most important question to me was: Are they happy?

It seems like everybody’s living their lives more so for other people than for themselves. They want to show off and look good in front of the others. They want a social status and respect from people. They want to be in charge and be in control. But the truth is, the social system was rigged from the beginning.

You are not in charge of anything. You do not control any aspect of your life. You do not have any power. You do not command any respect. Nobody cares about you. In fact, it is highly likely that all your peers secretly hate you for your material success.

The social system has been designed to keep man enslaved to the wishes of the others. A child does what his parents want him to, a teenager does what his peers want him to, an employee does what his boss tells him to, a married man does what his wife wants him to, a father does what his children want him to, a grandfather does what his grandchildren want him to, a family man does what his relatives want him to, a civilian does what the government wants him to…

Where is the freedom to do what you want? It doesn’t exist. It’s a myth. You are bound by the expectations of others. If you choose to ignore them, you are their enemy.

I decided that, in 2019, I would do whatever I wanted to do. I would do what I felt was the right choice for me, the best decision for my future. In doing so, I managed to anger a lot of people.

After years of doing what other people wanted me to do, I’m finally doing what I want to do. And it feels good. I’m happy. I’m satisfied. The reason why I was able to do it, is because I don’t care about what other people think. I don’t care about what they say behind my back. I don’t care whether they laugh at me or mock me or make fun of me. They’re irrelevant to me. They’re strangers. Just like I have never told anyone how to live their lives, I do not want them to tell me how to live mine. I will do what I want. I may be the greatest loser in their eyes. I may be a horrible and terrible human being. It doesn’t matter.

In 2020, I’m going to get things done. I’m going to accomplish what few men have managed to do so. And I will do it in spite of all the people who hate me for it.

Unlocking My Potential

I knew I had the potential to do great things. But knowledge and confidence isn’t everything. At some point in life, you just have go out there and do it in the real world. I wasn’t quite ready during the previous years; but the time just felt right this year. It was worth the wait.

I’m good at giving pep talks. Not so much at actually pushing myself to do things. I have the knowledge and the understanding, but not enough motivation and inclination.

I’ve spent the last few months fixing that. That’s where I’ve been during my absence online.

I now wake up at 03:00 a.m. everyday and test the limits of my endurance by packing my schedule with as many activities as my body could possibly handle.

Now that I’ve established a regular rhythm, I’ve marked some time to spend on my writing.

This is not the easiest lifestyle in the world. I’ve had to choose my sacrifices to get to this stage. But I feel it’s a more productive usage of my time – time well spent. Even though I’m not making a million bucks off of it, I finish each day with a sense of accomplishment; getting something done that’s more important than money, or anything material in this world.

I hope to share more details in the future.

Embracing Minimalism

Growing up poor inspired creativity and innovation in me. I had the bare minimum to keep me going but I was happy.

I had no choice so I had to make the best with what I had.

I was always satisfied. I never had any demands. I had many wishes and dreams, just like any other child. But they faded as I grew older and understood the harsh reality of the material world.

There is no end to our desires. Human beings have infinite desires. People will never be satisfied with what they have. They always make plans to get more and more and more.

The key to happiness is finding satisfaction with whatever you have. If you’re content with what you have, you can utilize your time and energy toward something more productive; something more useful than a dozen pair of shoes or three dozen change of clothes. Nobody needs a dozen pair of shoes. Yet people work so hard and then waste their money on unnecessary items.

Happiness is finding contentment with what you have regardless of what people might say of you. If you spend all your resources to impress others, you’ll never hear the end of it.

Being a minimalist helps me reduce waste. I don’t buy things that I don’t need. I don’t need to throw anything away. And I can get the most out of what I have.

Some people may think I’m boring. Others say I’m too plain; average, so to speak. I think people spend too much effort trying to stand out. Everybody wants to look special and impress others. It’s all a show.

I don’t care what others possess. I’m not jealous. Nor am I envious. Being content with the external world gives me more time to focus on my spiritual life. I don’t feel the urge to outdo anybody. I don’t need to portray myself better than others.

Ultimately, minimalism for me has boiled down to the essence of “I don’t care; I don’t want anything extra; I don’t need anything else; I’m content with what I have; I’ve got enough.”