Unlocking My Potential 

I knew I had the potential to do great things. But knowledge and confidence isn’t everything. At some point in life, you just have go out there and do it in the real world. I wasn’t quite ready during the previous years; but the time just felt right this year. It was worth the wait.

I’m good at giving pep talks. Not so much at actually pushing myself to do things. I have the knowledge and the understanding, but not enough motivation and inclination.

I’ve spent the last few months fixing that. That’s where I’ve been during my absence online.

I now wake up at 03:00 a.m. everyday and test the limits of my endurance by packing my schedule with as many activities as my body could possibly handle.

Now that I’ve established a regular rhythm, I’ve marked some time to spend on my writing.

This is not the easiest lifestyle in the world. I’ve had to choose my sacrifices to get to this stage. But I feel it’s a more productive usage of my time – time well spent. Even though I’m not making a million bucks off of it, I finish each day with a sense of accomplishment; getting something done that’s more important than money, or anything material in this world.

I hope to share more details in the future.