Novel Coronavirus : COVID-19 (2019-nCoV) Timeline

It’s time to paint a picture of the unseen details – what the government and the media isn’t really telling you.

I’m going to start from the beginning, and will continue updating this post as the epidemic consumes the planet.

  1. A bunch of people go down with pneumonia. First cases in China, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, USA, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, France, Vietnam, Nepal, Canada, Australia, Germany, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Finland, UAE, Philippines, India, UK, Italy, Russia, Belgium, Egypt, Iran, Singapore, Israel, Lebanon, Oman, Kuwait, Iraq, Bahrain, Afghanistan, Switzerland, Croatia, Austria, ALgeria, Romania, Pakistan, Norway, North Macedonia, Greece, Georgia, Brazil, Nigeria, Netherlands, Estonia, Denmark, Monaco, Mexico, New Zealand, Lithuania, Iceland, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Qatar, Luxembourg, Ireland, Ecuador, Czech Republic, Armenia, Tunisia, Senegal, Saudi Arabia, Portugal, Morocco, Jordan, Indonesia, Andorra, Ukraine… In that order
  2. Dr Li Wenliang blows the whistle
  3. China arrests 8 doctors
  4. Wuhan medical authorities censor all medical staff
  5. Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market is closed
  6. Wuhan implements screening for travelers
  7. People start dying
  8. China undermines the threat of Coronavirus in the media
  9. North Korea closes borders
  10. WHO undermines the threat of Coronavirus
  11. China quarantines 5 cities
  12. China quarantines 12 cities
  13. Wuhan builds two emergency hospitals. They’re as reliable as the Chinese products come. Rainfall leaks through the roof
  14. China locks down Wuhan
  15. Doctor Li Wenliang dies
  16. China bans trade of wild animals
  17. Wuhan mayor resigns
  18. US and Japan evacuate citizens from Wuhan
  19. Several airlines suspend flights to China
  20. Russia closes its border
  21. Mongolia closes its border
  22. Singapore bans Chinese
  23. China reports bird flu
  24. Wuhan goes into North Korea prison camp mode
  25. Infant tested positive 30 hours after birth
  26. Japan quarantines cruise ship
  27. Chinese authorities begin to hunt down and round up suspected coronavictims into their quarantined prison camps
  28. Panic buying in Singapore
  29. China fires two senior Hubei Province health officials
  30. Deaths over 1000
  31. Vietnam quarantines 10000 people
  32. China fires top party officials
  33. Reported cases in the media increase tenfold, deaths double
  34. China says 1700+ health workers have been infected
  35. People’s Bank of China decides to burn all used currency from hospitals, buses and markets
  36. China locks down 760 million people
  37. WHO acknowledges threat level of Coronavirus
  38. Russia bans all Chinese
  39. China expels Wall Street reporters
  40. 2000+ deaths confirmed
  41. Iran undermines Coronavirus threat level
  42. Italy goes on lockdown
  43. Iran and Italy have the highest infections after China
  44. Iran goes on delayed lockdown
  45. San Francisco delcares state of emergency
  46. Trump props Mike Pence to take the fall for Coronavirus
  47. 3000+ deaths
  48. Florida declares state of emergency

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