The last time I was here, I tried to put together a definite timeline of the Novel Coronavirus infection and how it spread. However, the timeline stopped in China, midway through what was quickly becoming an international epidemic.

Today I’m here to talk about the global pandemic, my views on it, and my predictions.

I’ve spent every morning over the last few weeks going through the news and leaked footage on YouTube and Liveleak. I’ve watched a national disaster become a global disaster through the eyes of the media, and the victims on the frontlines who shared their firsthand experiences through social media with the rest of the world.

As I watched the infection spread to South Korea, Japan, Iran, Italy and USA, I realized it was just a matter of time before the virus came into my city.

Currently, there are 337402 confirmed cases globally and 14676 people have died from the virus. Other than China, the virus has spread at an alarming rate in Italy, US, Spain, Germany, Iran and France, each of which have had 1000 – 5000 newly confirmed cases within the past 24 hours!

Now, let me focus on my current geographical location. The current number of confirmed cases here are 468. Over the past 3 days, the cases have risen by almost 60-70+ each day. When the first cases of the infection were confirmed by the government, they said there was nothing to worry about, and the situation was under control. I believe that’s exactly what the Chinese government said, and still says to this day.

Not only did the government downplay the threat level of the virus, they even declared that local people need not wear masks unless they were infected. As of today, that is still their official narrative: Do not wear face masks unless you’re infected or are in close contact with an infected person.

Currently, New York has over 20,000 confirmed cases. Trump declared it a disaster a few days ago, and now has launched the National Guards into the area. There have been over 5000 deaths in Italy, and the entire country has been in lockdown for weeks now.

Seeing that the number of infections has continue to spread exponentially worldwide, the government here has finally come to it’s senses and declared complete lockdown. But at what cost? At this time, I suspect there have been over 1000 community transmissions through the nation. Over the next week, regardless of their lockdown, that number will multiply to at least 5000, and double that the week after.

The government has insisted on not performing local community testing since the first infection over a month ago. They’ve been convinced that only foreigners and people who traveled to infected regions could possibly carry the virus. But now their illusion is shattering before their weak eyes, their brains are crumbling under pressure, and they are on the verge of collapsing just like the top infected countries I mentioned earlier.

How bad is it going to get? 10,000+ infections within the next 2 weeks. That is, if they are even able to test that many people. If they don’t, that number will double and quadruple over the next month and this nation will have more deaths than Italy.

When I went to purchase face masks a couple of weeks ago, I was met with puzzled faces and mockery. Everyone said I was delusional and that the virus would not spread here. Oh well, it has. There have been curfews the past few days and now complete lockdown.

I told people to stock up on groceries and essentials with at least a months supply. They thought I was an idiot. Well guess what? All malls and shopping centers have remained closed today with notices to remain shut till the end of the month. And, with the new lockdown in place, I predict that they’ll remain closed for at least 2 more weeks after that.

More people will die of hunger and starvation than the Coronavirus. Yep! It’s happened in China. It will happen here, and everywhere else.

A friend of mine said the summer temperatures would kill the virus. I said it wouldn’t. Not until there were hundreds of thousands of fatalities in every country and at least a million dead worldwide.

Call me a pessimist or a terrible human being. I’m just stating the facts. When you disregard the laws of Mother Nature, it will lead to an unthinkable disaster. Combine that with incompetent governments and stupid citizens and you will see as many fatalities as I predicted.

Although the Wuhan wet market was shut down, there are still many wet markets operating across China and the South East Asian countries. People are still eating pangolins, bats, snakes, dogs and frogs. In USA, college students are still partying hard with no regards to the growing pandemic. Over here, people are still gathering in masses without protective gear. Life for many fools is going on as usual. Meanwhile many idiots in the English-speaking countries are stocking up on toilet paper like it’s oxygen. I suppose no one told them they could wash their arse if there was no toilet paper? How do you survive a pandemic with toilet rolls as your priority in the shopping list? Instead of stocking up on a month’s supply of food items, they’re stocking up on toilet rolls. How does the conversation go after a week in lockdown? “Mom! What’s for dinner?” “Oh sweety, we’ve run out of food, but there’s ton’s of toilet rolls in case you wanna take a dump!”

This is the state of the current population in the world. A bunch of self-serving morons with no regards for their own health or the well-being of others. How could you possibly expect the pandemic to slow down?

In this country, the situation will get as critical as China in every sense of the word. The government will ultimately decide to clamp down the numbers, provide false reports through the media, and incinerate dozens of live patients. People will be taken away by government minions to unsanitary quarantine zones with no hygiene or essential facilities, many will be “gotten rid of”, hundreds of thousands will starve to death and others will commit suicide as the lockdowns extend indefinitely. Oh yeah. It sounds too paranoid and fictitious to be true. Until you explore the alternative media and see it for yourselves. It’s happened in China. It will happen here, and in many other countries as well.

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