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    Covid-19: How It Spreads 

    The WHO, CDC and various government organizations have been touting the 6 feet rule – stay apart 6 feet and you won’t be infected by the Coronavirus.

    For a long time, I have been suspicious of this rule. A lot of things didn’t make sense with the 6 feet rule. And now, the statistics have exposed the reality.

    Here’s the reality: Staying apart 6 feet from one another will not help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. You know why? Because studies have shown that the virus can travel further than 6 feet! Which basically makes the rule useless.

    However, most governments to this day continue to enforce the 6 ft rule. Now that’s how the world will hit 1B cases.

    Many governments and social networks have decided to crack down on fake news. Hundreds of people have been arrested for spreading fake news. But what exactly do these folks classify as fake news? And the answer is – anything that disagrees with the government propaganda and nonsense is fake news. Anything that could expose the stupidity of politicians is fake news. Anything that could expose the lies and corruption of the governments is fake news.

    Now don’t get me wrong – there is indeed some fake news out there. For example, people claiming that cow piss or some herbs or some medicine will magically prevent and/or cure the Coronavirus – that’s fake news. People have claimed that the warm summer temperatures will kill the Coronavirus – retarded nonsense. Some have claimed that drinking warm water will prevent you from being infected – total bull dung. A few have claimed that basking in the sun will make you invincible to the Coronavirus – more retarded nonsense. And then there are some – religious nutjobs – who claim that praying in masses will stop the Coronavirus from infecting people. Now, I’m a religious person. But if you really think, that sitting in a crowded room full of sweaty people, and vehemently praying to God to protect you from the Coronavirus, will actually make you immune, then you, my dear stranger, have increased your chances of getting infected by 100%.

    Nothing will stop the Coronavirus. Nobody will stop the Coronavirus. Not even God will stop this pandemic. You know why? Because God, is tired of all the stupid retarded religious nutjobs who think being religious somehow gives them the license to act like fools. In India, thousands of muslims gathered at some mosque to pray when the pandemic began. As a result, hundreds of them got infected. And since many of them came from various parts of the country, they managed to spread the infection faster than the jihad.

    In the UK, some senior authorities at the Bhaktivedanta Manor got infected with the Coronavirus. A few died, and a large congregation gathered to pay respects at the funeral. The result? Dozens more got infected. The Manor was shut down. Gaura Purnima festival was cancelled and the temple had to be deep cleaned during that period. Now, following the worldwide lockdown restrictions, ISKCON authorities decided to close all temples to the public, advising the congregation to stay at home.

    This is what happens when you think that being religious magically makes you immune to the Coronavirus. Meanwhile in the US, I’ve seen clips of dozens of preachers talking complete nonsense regarding the Coronavirus. It surprises me that these retarded fools are still alive.

    Now, there have been videos surfacing on the internet showing footage of allegedly infected people spitting and touching everything everywhere to spread the Coronavirus. I’ve seen videos of many Chinese women caught in the act of spreading the Coronavirus. There’s also a video of a muslim man in India spitting on money and saying that this is what the Indians deserve. There’s a video of some black man opening bottles of juices and drinking from them inside a store, while his friend records him spreading the Coronavirus. Now, I happen to have many of these clips stored somewhere on my devices. So I will be glad to upload them on the internet when I find some time. For those whose curiosity can’t wait, just search on YouTube or Liveleaks, and you’ll find those videos.

    So this is how the virus spreads. There are actually a number of infected morons who are going around spitting and touching everything intentionally. Oh yeah. This is not a mistake. They know exactly what they’re doing. Meanwhile there’ll be some retard crying about how people should stop being racist. This is not racism. These are facts. These videos have been in circulation for over a month now. And if you haven’t come across any, then you must be living inside a bubble of fairy tales.

    Now that there is concrete evidence of intentional spread of the virus, one only needs to think of the possibilities of what could be contaminated by the virus. Door handles, elevator buttons, takeway food from the Chinese restaurant? You never know. Lately, I’ve been suspicious of the fruits and vegetables as well. If someone infected with the Coronavirus handles the fruits and vegetables, wouldn’t it spread the virus? Maybe the vegetables would be cooked and that would kill the virus. But what about the fruits? What if some infected Muslim guy or some Chinese woman has been spitting on the fruits? Would simply washing the fruits with water kill the virus? There’s actually a video of some Chinese lady spitting on bananas at some grocery store. I’m not making these up. This is the new reality. Being politically correct will not eliminate the reality. You have to come to terms with it. Facts are facts. And if somebody thinks that calling Chinese PPE kits garbage sounds racist, then they need to wake up.

    I read some article a few weeks ago that said the virus can spread through shoes as well. That means the floor surface is contaminated as well. Think about the hospitals right now. The entire floors may possibly be carrying the virus. So you’ve got hundreds of people walking in and out everyday, and they all carry away some of that Coronavirus and spread it everywhere they go.

    Earlier studies show that the virus might spread through the eyes and ears as well. Hence the reason why all medics wear goggles and hazmat suits. Now, is the public wearing goggles and hazmat suits everywhere they go? Nope! So wearing face masks isn’t helping much if they come in contact with infected people.

    Now, the mainstream media has been beating their drums on how racism has become widespread since the pandemic. But why aren’t they talking about the dozens of whistleblowers who disappeared in China? Why aren’t they showing the clips of the dozens of people caught spreading the infection on camera? This racism that they’re so fond of condemning is a product of identity. When you have a bunch of people identifying themselves as men and women, you get sexism. Similarly, when you group people according to their nationality and skin color and their eating habits, you get racism as the natural by-product. Now, is there a solution to this? Yes, but people will not like my suggestion. Therefore, since time immemorial, racism has always been present and in the future, racism will continue to exist. How do you think stereotypes came into existence? Stereotypes are a product of ingrained racism. How did nationalism come into existence? If you identify with one nationalism, then you’re distinguishing between various nationalities. Isn’t there a possibility of probable racism as the distinguishing factor? If men and women are all equal, what’s the need for separate gender roles? If Americans, Indians, Chinese and Russians are all equal, then what’s the need to distinguish one from the other? Why don’t we all identify as human beings and leave it at that? Furthermore, why do we have borders for every country? Why do we have scrutiny for men with long beards wearing turbans at the airports? Is it not racism?

    There’s been news of black people getting beaten up in China. Meanwhile in Nigeria, Africans retaliated by burning down some Chinese factory. On the mainstream media, I’ve seen many reports of black folks being more susceptible and vulnerable to the Coronavirus, with statistics showing a higher percentage of infected cases among the Black American population. Does anyone not see racism ingrained into these statements? These are facts reported straight from the mainstream media. I’m not making these up.

    There have been dozens of documentaries regarding animal cruelty on YouTube. There are also dozens of clips showing Chinese folks mercilessly torturing dogs. The Chinese government shut down one wet market in Wuhan, but there have been reports of hundreds of others across the Asian continent. As long as these animals continue to be tormented; as long as these people continue to torture and kill these animals for food, I don’t see an end to the Covid-19 pandemic.

    For those who want to live through this pandemic, perhaps they might want to consider an alternative plant-based diet. Nothing good can come out of the suffering of innocent animals. They have as much right to live as humans. After seeing so many animals being tortured by heartless morons, I have since witnessed so many people dying in a similar manner across the world since the pandemic has began. Anyone with half a brain can correlate the two and figure out what’s really going on. It’s payback time; and mother nature is hell bent on reducing the world’s population unless the people come to their senses.

    Now, how long is it going to take to hit 1 Billion infected cases globally? That’s what I’m looking forward to.

  • isvarahparamahkrsnah

    isvarahparamahkrsnah 8:36 pm on April 21, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Covid-19: Predictions Reviewed 

    Since the last time I was here, a lot has happened.

    I made some predictions when the lockdown started. Let’s see how many of them were factual:

    1. I said 10K infected cases in 2 weeks. Check!
    2. Billion cases global. In progress…
    3. Curve will not flatten. Check!
    4. Dictatorship regimes. In progress…
    5. Economy will collapse. Check!
    6. Economy will eventually recover. Not this year!

    The last time I was here, the WHO and all governments and politicians were saying, “Don’t wear masks unless you’re infected with Covid-19 as the masks cannot help healthy people”.

    Now the government says nobody can leave their homes without wearing a mask. Oops! A little too late! Now the virus has gone mainstream. The Coronavirus has become an unstoppable force; an unbeatable force; a force to reckon with.

    Now since a lot of governments blatantly urged people NOT to wear masks in public, let’s see what the results are. 2.5 Million cases worldwide, 800,000 cases in the US alone. Oops! Did somebody say there’s no need to wear masks? I disagree. And so do the statistics.

    There’s a certain price that comes with making stupid decisions; either at the individual level, the national level, or on a global scale. The world is currently paying that price.

    The World Health Organization has proven to be a clown circus filled with incompetent fools. And so has the United States government and the EU. And what do we have as a result? 175,000 deaths and counting.

    One month into lockdown and not a single government has come forward to call China out for it’s incompetency in handling the Covid-19 outbreak. I haven’t seen any President lean into the mic on national television and say, “Hey China! This is your fault. You covered up the Wuhan epidemic. You killed the whistleblowers. You exported the virus. You continue to lie about the Covid numbers in China. You manufacture useless PPE kits and ship them to other countries and expect a ‘Thank you’ and a pat on the back. You have refused to come clean regarding the Wuhan epidemic. Xi Jinping! You big fat fool! This is the end of our relation with your terrible country. We will no longer do business with you. We are no longer allies. Go to hell!” Finish it off by flipping the finger, then cut to a song about how China really sucks.

    Now instead of a straightforward approach like this, all I see on the news is various politicians mumbling incoherently about China being irresponsible and how the numbers in China could not possibly be true. Irresponsible? Let’s call this for what it is. This is a big giant fuck up and the Chinese government is full of shit!

    I’m being very gentle and modest here in laying out the facts. 3 years ago, I would be writing this article in a very different mood and format. Nonetheless, I’m pretty sure this article will not resonate well with some. If you want the facts, you visit this blog. If you want a bunch of bullshit, tune into some Chinese news channel.

    Clearly, there’s quite some emotions and feelings attached to this article. And why not? Why the hell not? I’ve been stuck in my room under lockdown for over a month. And this makes me angry. Why am I angry? Because I am currently paying the price for other people’s mistakes.

    Saw some news articles about people protesting the lockdown in America. And there was a clip of some fat woman yelling at a nurse to go back to China. Isn’t that just wonderful? Here you have all the medics putting their lives on the line to treat the Covid patients. Yet there are some ungrateful bastards protesting on the streets and walking about without wearing masks. What are they protesting about? Well, someone wants to get a haircut, another wants a pedicure, someone wants to go to the gym and another wants to play golf. I remember watching a video of an interviewer talking to a bunch of fools who just wanted to party and didn’t care about Covid-19.

    Just yesterday I saw a clip of some party folks lighting fireworks to chase away the police helicopter from the rooftop. In some countries, people are now turning against the cops; even resorting to violence against the cops for enforcing the lockdowns. In the US, lockdown hasn’t been implemented in most states. Cops are only enforcing social distancing of 6 feet.

    Now what do we learn here? What we learn here is that there are a large number of fools on this planet and they are going to be a part of my 1 Billion cases prediction. 1 Billion seems like an impossibly large number. But when you really analyze and look into the scenarios around the world, it begins to make sense.

    For the past two weeks, there have been 1000 new infected cases in my geographic region alone. That’s with a full lockdown for over a month now. Imagine how many cases there will be if the lockdown is lifted. The government will have to keep extending the lockdown if it wants to keep people alive for a few days more. Let’s face it. With or without lockdowns, social distancing and curfews, the world will see the big B – 1 Billion infected cases. Now, if the governments decide to enforce restrictions, it will take a much longer time to reach the target. If the governments choose to lift restrictions and resume normal activities, then that number will spike so fast, someone’s going to soil their pants just watching the live stats. Either way, they’re doomed if they do, doomed if they don’t.

    By the way, China is still exporting PPE kits to other countries. Have people not learned their lesson? Does every country on the planet individually wish to buy boxes of useless PPE kits from China to learn their lesson?

    Last night I heard the dogs barking. This lockdown is getting to people’s nerves. I predict the onset of a crime season which will leave people wearing masks, eyes wide awake, trembling in their beds as they listen for the footsteps of the Covid robbers.

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