Covid-19: Uncertainty

Since the lockdown began, my internet connection has stopped working about half a dozen times. Now this is highly unusual considering that the internet rarely goes down. And I’m beginning to suspect that the ISP is either testing some new surveillance equipment or conforming to secret government orders to keep the internet babble under control.

I live in a region where civil unrest is fairly unusual. But once it sprouts up, it can result in complete chaos and destruction within hours. It is a highly populated region, and a couple of thousand deaths don’t mean nothing. The value of human life in this country is basically nonexistent.

The news media used to provide a live update page online to report the Covid-19 related events as they happened in real time. Then they stopped on May 9th, 10th, 11th… and I stopped checking the news. Now they’re live again.

One of the politicians recently went live on National TV, only to announce that he would make some major announcements on another date. What kind of politician does that? Only a selfish egomaniac who wants people’s attention.

What’s going on in the rest of the world?

Russia just had a fireworks display in Moscow. I don’t understand why Putin would celebrate a victory in a war that occurred 75 years ago. It’s been over two weeks since Russia’s constant of 10K new cases daily. It seems incredibly stupid to have a fireworks show when your country ranks 3rd on the Covid-19 charts.

Some states in US have began lifting restrictions, hence the increase in new infections – currently at 12K new cases.

Some protestors in Spain are not wearing masks. Neither are the bikers in the UK nor the patriots in Belarus. France is now letting kids play in the parks. Protestors in Germany gather without masks.

Brazil’s new health minister has resigned. It took this man several weeks to realize that Bolsonaro was retarded. Brazil is currently 6th on the charts. Jair Bolsonaro needs to watch some Gaddafi clips. The favelans and the Libyans seem to share similarities in their brutality.

Kim Jong Un disappeared and then reappeared.

China has been stuck at 82K cases since the global pandemic began. They have controlled the pandemic no’s by killing all the journalists and medical workers who exposed the truth to the world.

Meanwhile in Somalia, some Ethiopian soldiers shot down a Kenya Airways plane carrying humanitarian supplies. I was wondering, who have been the Presidents of Somalia, and what have they been doing until now? And I could ask the same question regarding 100 other countries with incompetent governments and corrupt leaderships.

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