Covid-19: Reopening Strategy

When the lockdown was imposed in my geographical region, there wasn’t a single Covid-19 case.

That was in March.

Now that the virus has infected every corner in the world, the government has decided to lift restrictions and reopen businesses.

What kind of strategy is this?

There were 0 cases when the lockdown was placed. And that was true for over two weeks. Now that there are thousands of new cases everyday, the government has decided to reopen the economy.

Is this the finest strategy that the politicians can come up with? Are the smartest brains in the country leading the sheep?

When the Covid-19 appeared, the politicians were all over the news. The virus hadn’t even spread in the country at that point. And these incompetent fools asked people to go out on their balconies on a certain date and clap and bang utensils for the healthcare workers. And these fools made several other idiots like themselves light fireworks while the pandemic was taking shape in the country. Now that the pandemic is taking a slightly different direction, the politicians disappeared.

Why do we have to clap for the healthcare workers? Why do we have to cheer them on? Are they going to play a game? Is this a global sporting event? And why do we have to bang spoons on pans and pot lids? Who invented banging utensils as a form of cheering and appreciation? If you appeared outside my door and started banging utensils, do you think I would feel appreciated? Or do you think that I might get so irritated that I could, quite possibly, attack your face with my fists? Now that I think of it, many citizens are now using the same method to protest the extended government lockdowns.

Meanwhile, the nurses are making TikTok and Instagram videos dancing and prancing around in the hospitals. Quite spectacular, very befitting of the foolishness going all around. This is what you get when the society is full of idiots. The politicians are idiots, the citizens are idiots, and the healthcare workers – well, they appear to be quite sensible in this scenario.

Everyone in the news was talking about flattening the curve in the next two weeks. “Only two more weeks,” they said. I’ve been in self-isolation for 8 weeks now. The curve hasn’t flattened. While it may have dropped in a few countries, the curve in this country is rising exponentially. I remember when I used to record dozens of new cases in my journal. It rose to thousands of new cases everyday. I stopped recording once the country hit 100K.

The curve hasn’t flattened, but the idiots in the government have finally realized, that if they didn’t reopen the economy, the country would sink into depression. Unfortunately for them, this realization didn’t come until the economy was in a coma. So now, they have a dead fish for an economy, and a growing pandemic to deal with. This is what happens in a democratic government full of idiots. Everyone wants to be right, but all of them are wrong. Now they’re looking for a scapegoat. Who will they pin the blame on?

Over the next few weeks, the government will be forced to reopen everything. Or else, they will be forced to deal with an unruly population of bloodthirsty citizens. In this country, the only way to restore order is by death. The question is, whose death will it have to be?