Covid-19: India2020

The first case of Covid-19 in India was in the state of Kerala on 30th Jan 2020. In early January and February, thermal screening was implemented in select airports across the country, which proved to be insufficient.

In early March, the Indian government’s strategy was to only test the foreigners and Indian nationals who arrived from abroad. The government refused to test the local citizens, claiming that there was no local transmission. The government has also denied the effectiveness of masks worn by the public and advised against hoarding of masks. The government claimed that wearing masks by the general public was unnecessary as they were not in contact with infected people.

On 16th March, the government shut down all academic institutions.

On 19th March, the Indian government announced a emergency curfew for 22nd March to see how the population reacted. The Prime Minister urged everyone to go outside their house and clap and bang utensils to applaud the healthcare workers. There was panic buying on 20th and 21st March as the citizens cursed the Prime Minister under their breaths. Modi had a reputation for blindsiding the citizens with emergency announcements that caused chaos on a nationwide scale. On 24rd March, the Prime Minister announced that a complete lockdown would be in effect beginning at midnight. Those who had not stocked up on essentials were screwed. The government declared this sudden announcement late in the evening. The first lockdown was implemented for a duration of 3 weeks. At this point in time, the rate of Covid-19 infections was approximately 100 new cases daily.

On 28th March, the PM CARES fund was launched. Hundreds of ignorant citizens rushed to donate money to the Prime Minister’s fund. Although there is no transparent statement regarding how much money has been accumulated, the news media mentioned several businessmen and influential people who donated “crores” of rupees to the fund. I wonder how many of them regret their decision.

On 3rd April, Prime Minister Modi asked everyone to turn off their lights and light candles on the 5th of April at 9:00 for 9 minutes. His genius followers decided to light fireworks to celebrate the stupidity of the government, ignorant citizens, and their terrible fates in the foreseeable future.

Here’s the timeline of infected cases in India in the initial phase:

  • 29th March – 1K infected cases
  • 2nd April – 2K
  • 5th April – 4K
  • 7th April – 5K
  • 10th April – 7K
  • 11th April – 8K
  • 12th April – 9K
  • 13th April – 10K
  • 14th April – 11K
  • 15th April – 12K
  • 16th April – 13K
  • 17th April – 14K
  • 18th April – 15K
  • 19th April – 17K
  • 20th April – 18K
  • 21st April – 20K
  • 23rd April – 23K
  • 24th April – 24K
  • 25th April – 25K
  • 26th April – 28K
  • 27th April – 29K
  • 28th April – 31K
  • 29th April – 33K
  • 30th April – 34K
  • 1st May – 37K
  • 2nd May – 39K
  • 3rd May – 42K
  • 4th May – 46K
  • 5th May – 49K
  • 6th May – 52K
  • 7th May – 56K
  • 8th May – 59K
  • 9th May – 63K
  • 10th May – 67K
  • 11th May – 70K
  • 12th May – 74K
  • 13th May – 78K
  • 14th May – 82K
  • 15th May – 85K
  • 16th May – 90K
  • 17th May – 95K
  • 18th May – 100K
  • 31st May – 188K

From 1st April till 15th April, many banks and post offices remained closed.

On 8th April, there was news that the Government might extend lockdown till the end of the month.
The media was reporting on Government crackdown on mainstream social media like WhatsApp and Facebook to arrest those who spread false information regarding the Covid-19 pandemic.

By 9th April, the government had finally made it mandatory for people to wear masks in several cities. This came after several weeks of denial of the effectiveness of masks worn by the public. At this point, the government established containment zones throughout the country. The government was suppressing official statistic in a desperate bid to avert nationwide panic.

By 11th April, there were 33 Covid-related apps on Google Play Store specifically for India. 90% of them were operated by various state govt agencies and tracked the users.
To put things into perspective, no other country had that many apps to track Covid-10 patients.

On 12th April, all grocery stores remained closed in most parts of the country. Many states had decided to extend the lockdown till the end of April.

On 13th April, banks had resumed services with limited operating hours. Grocery stores were open with limited supplies.

On 14th April, the government extended lockdown till the end of the month.

On 25th April, the government slowly started to open up some important sectors.

By 27th April, many politicians were in favor of extending the lockdown, but the public was brewing up for a major revolt.

On 28th April, lockdown violators were attacking cops.

On 1st May, the government decided to open up almost every important sector of the economy except for educational institutes, religious institutions, hotels and restaurants, cinemas, gyms, sporting events and mass gatherings. Local travel would be relaxed.

On 31st May, the government announced that India would begin opening up in stages, with religious institutions, hotel and restaurants set to be open on 8th June. By this time, it had only recorded 5358 deaths.

While the Indian government bragged about the country having the lowest death rate in the world, hundreds of infected people continued to die everyday without ever getting tested. Many patients who were sick and requested getting tested for Covid-19 were ignored and left to recuperate on their own or die trying. The thousands of ventilators the government bragged about stocking up lie unused in the hospital store rooms.

Covid-19 patients in the hospitals are not fed well. Many of them die of hunger and starvation.

There was a clip on Liveleak showing a poor migrant eating a dog’s corpse in the middle of the highway.

I remember seeing a clip in early April of an infected Covid-19 patient in India laying on a makeshift bed in the sun, while the cops and healthcare workers waited for him to die at a distance. Nobody dared to approach the dying man, lest they got infected. The ambulance was there, the paramedics were present, but they all blabbered from a distance while the dying man gasped for breath and raised his hands toward them, begging for help.

That one clip sealed the fate of every Covid-19 patient in India from that point forward.

Anyone who’s familiar with India as a country can easily predict how bad things are going to get. India is a country where no sensible man would put his faith in the government, the legal system, the infrastructure, healthcare facilities and the politicians.

Now that the government has decided to open up the country, India will finally realize it’s dream of becoming the number 1 nation on the planet – both in terms of infected case and the number of deaths.

I find it slightly amusing how childish the Prime Minister of India is. When the country barely had any cases, he shut down everything, plastered himself all over the media, and gave himself a pat on the back for a job well done. And just like a foolish child, little did he know how long the pandemic was going to last. The man had no plans for the country. When the economy collapsed and the virus soared, when the government failed to contain the pandemic, he disappeared from public view and ordered the government to let the citizens decide their own fate.

400M infected cases. That was my prediction months ago. I still don’t see any change in that.