Cancel Culture: The Pusillanimous Generation

I’ve lived my life by the rule that I don’t care what anyone says or thinks about me, either online or offline.

I rejected society and it’s norms when I was still a teenager. As I grew older, my opinions of society and people in general only solidified to become facts.

I don’t like people; well, most people. I like very few people, and it’s usually because of their personality and character. I don’t like people just because everybody else likes them. And I don’t like people just because I’m told they’re “nice”. I don’t like people just because they’re family.

If you want me to like you and respect you, then you have to earn it as an individual. And by earn it, I mean you have to prove that you’re worthy of my love and respect. Tell me about yourself. Tell me about your lifestyle and your principles. Show me you’re not just another brainlet who thinks what others want him to think, and who says what others want him to say. Prove to me that you’re an intelligent human being who knows his self-worth, and who doesn’t chase after recognition from others.

The recent years have seen a spike in online cancel culture. It basically consists of a bunch of idiots hating someone because of what they did, regardless of how long it’s been, be it even decades ago.

I believe people grow mentally over the years. They learn new things, they gain new information, they analyze more data, they have new realizations. Their behavior and attitudes change; they become more refined.

When I was young, I was a very vocal person. I spoke my mind. I didn’t have any filters. And that didn’t change – it became more refined. Before I passed my judgement or opinion on something or someone, I spent more time analyzing it. I didn’t want to be wrong; but, if I was wrong, I didn’t want to look like a complete idiot.

That’s just my personality. I will not hesitate in telling you exactly what I think. l’m an outspoken person. And I like it. I also tend to associate more with outspoken people. So when I meet some secretive people, or FAKE people – people who hide their real thoughts and feelings, and who lie to you about everything, then I tend to avoid them and ignore them.

Fake people don’t exist to me. They’re as good as dead. If you are a fake person who likes to lie and pretend, then you’re nonexistent to me. You can get out and stay gone.

Since the beginning of this decade, I’ve seen a lot of fake people. Ideally, these are pretentious scumbags who hide behind popular opinions to gain mass popularity. They don’t mean what they really say. It’s very typical of them to switch sides based on the waves of opinions. They’re very likely to be backstabbers, so if you trust them, then you deserve that knife in your spine. They’re most likely to be Gen X.

Then there’s the brainless zombies who do not have any real opinions of their own, and everything they say is simply parrot-talk. They’re most likely to be millennials and mentally-malnourished tots from the 00’s.

The cancel culture has been led by a bunch of losers and envious nobodies who want everyone else to be as miserable as they are. And why are they miserable? They’re miserable because they’re losers and nobodies and they want everyone else to be as miserable as them. And the only way they can do that is by fault-finding and scraping out things that people said decades ago, put it out in public and demand the said people to be hated and despised to oblivion.

A typical characteristic of a cancel moron is that they have delicate feelings and get offended by everything. Crack a joke – they’re offended. State your opinion – they’re offended. Point out the facts – they’re offended. It’s no wonder that such people become the butt of many pranks and jokes. No matter what you do or say, they’re very likely to be offended. So, there are some people, who might as well offend them.

Accompanying the cancel culture have been waves of apologies from lots of celebrities and social media stars. Everybody wants to apologize for what they said regardless of the context and time lapse. Everybody is saying how sorry they are, and going out of their way to do ridiculous things just to prove that they’re sorry. I mean, if you’re sorry, I understand that. But why are you bending over and kissing feet just to prove that you’re sorry?

What a bunch of pussies!

I grew up in Africa. I spent my childhood being bullied by little African kids who called me all sorts of names and made fun of me because of my race and skin color. A lot of it was just a harmless thing that kids in Africa do. I wasn’t really offended back then. I’m not offended now. I’m not going to go hunting for them on social media right now and call them out for being racists. Truth be told, I’m pretty sure many of them still hold their racist sentiments. It may not always be malicious, but that’s just part of the culture. And there’s nothing I can do but move on. Even if I could do something, I would still choose to move on. Because I wasn’t raised to be a pussy ass bitch who spent their whole life crying about some stupid crap.

I’d like to conclude by pointing out the case of Jenna Marbles, a popular YouTuber who just published a video apologizing for comedy skits that included dressing up and talking like Nicki Minaj and rapping about the Chinese. Throughout the video, she looked like she was barely holding back tears, trying not to cry on camera while apologizing for her old content on YouTube.

I watched the video and I thought, why is she doing that? Why is she apologizing for a bunch of comedy skits that were made purely for entertainment purposes a decade ago? And why does she look like she’s about to start sobbing? Do people not understand the context of her videos? Oh! I almost forgot! It’s the cancel morons at work. Good job canceling Jenna Marbles and making her feel like crap.

I stopped watching Jenna Marbles soon after she stopped making funny comedy skits and started doing more PG-rated stuff for her videos. There’s no doubt that she was growing and evolving as a person. And while dozens of new and old YouTubers meddled in controversies after controversies, Jenna Marbles managed to stay out of that cesspool. Until the cancel morons came along.

Speaking from my own experience, apologizing for anything doesn’t work anymore. It only convinces others that you were wrong and you’re a terrible human being, even if you’re not. In essence, admitting to your mistakes and guilt now makes you a bad person. This is how the world has evolved to become. All thanks to the cancel culture, the fake pretenders, and the apologetic zombies. So while I will state the facts, admit my mistakes and apologize for them, I will not cry and weep and stop doing what I love. I just move on and ignore all the pussies whining about my past. You can cancel Jenna Marbles alright. But you can’t cancel me. I’m a different breed altogether.

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