The Origin Of Systemic Racism

Systemic racism began when mankind divided the earth into territories. It embedded a false sense of belonging and ownership to whatever territory they were associated with, when in reality, none of it mattered at all.

Systemic racism can be very easy to understand for people who paid attention in high school geography and history classes. While that was the norm during my days in school, the current generation of kids at school are a bunch of idiots who spend more time on social media and trending on the internet than paying attention in class.

The first man who drew up the atlas was one of the pioneers of systemic racism, along with his mentors, friends, colleagues and associates who believed in drawing up maps and dividing the earth into continents and countries.

Systemic racism began with dividing the land amongst a bunch of selfish morons and the idiots who backed them up.

The maps were drawn up by classifying groups of people by their cultures, skin color, lifestyle and religion.

Right after drawing the maps and dividing the world into countries, the politicians decided to undo their hard work of dividing people by creating visas and allowing dissidents of various countries to cross over to foreign countries and establish a life there.

Why would the governments have an immigration department in the first place? Why would the leaders allow people from different countries to travel in the first place?

If you were born in a certain country, that’s your home. Live there, stay there, and die there. If you don’t like it, too bad! That would’ve solved the problem for everyone right now.

What the world is experiencing today – racism in schools, colleges, neighborhoods, at work, in transit, and everywhere you can imagine – is because of immigration.

Whenever two people of different skin colors, religions, ethnic groups, views and opinions meet, there will always be an inherent grudge and hatred on both sides. And that’s exactly what’s happening all over the world at the moment.

When I look at how mankind divided themselves according to their similarities and differences, and then decided to interact with each other again, it’s an ironical situation. The politicians and governments worked so hard to divide and segregate people, and then decided to integrate them again. How does that even work? And why would it work? Why are there so many international organizations formed by the world leaders of various countries? What’s the purpose of the United Nations? Are the nations really united? Then why were they geographically divided in the first place? What’s the purpose of dividing countries and then forming alliances?

I hold no allegiance to any country. I don’t have a hint of patriotism in me for any country whatsoever. I’ve completely disregarded my nationality – it’s irrelevant. I view myself an an individual on earth. The earth will always be here. It’s a free planet. Nobody owns anything on this earth. That’s the reality. We were all born naked with zero belongings, and we’ll all died naked, with absolutely no ownership on anything on this planet. We don’t own this planet; the planet owns us. The planet was here long before we were born, and it will remain long after we’re gone. Why are we fighting over land and neighborhoods and countries and territories? Mother earth isn’t our property. We’re temporary guests on this planet – came here to pay our dues, and will be on our merry ways when the time comes.

Why are people fighting over their differences? Just live your life and die when your time comes. Nobody cares who you are, what your beliefs are, and what your political affiliations are. It doesn’t matter whether you’re right-wing or left-wing because at the end of a few years, you’ll be dead anyway.

But the world has failed to realize this. People have failed to understand how insignificant they are. And they’ve gotten so engaged and involved in the politics and beliefs indoctrinated into them, that they can’t see just how pathetic they really are.