Employment: Supply > Demand

Every year, there are millions of graduates across the globe who dive into the industry to look for jobs.

While companies are growing and constantly expanding, they’re nowhere near-enough to employ every person that graduates from university.

Another factor is the rapid automation of processes in the majority of companies all over the world.

What we have here is a disproportionate number of jobs available in the market. So when you go out to look for a job and start applying for jobs online, you’re competing with a large number of similar graduates for the same position.

The outcome is simple – whoever bends over for the corporations gets the job. You have no rights there. When your boss says jump, you comply. And if you ever have second thoughts about working in the place, remember how hard you worked to get his job. If you’re out, a dozen others will line up to fill your position. In other words, the employees cease to be of value.

There are currently millions of university graduates who are working outside their specific fields. Because there are no jobs. They have to take what’s available. Some of them work two to three jobs, and only manage to get through the month, leaving no savings, and a lingering tuition debt over their heads.

And this is how companies earn profits in millions every year. If you as an American citizen, refuse to work for certain hours at a certain rate, don’t worry; there’s an Indian or Chinese guy ready to work for cheap overseas. How many US companies have outsourced their labor to India and China? Has anyone wondered why?

It’s an ugly situation. While colleges and universities continue to harvest millions into their bank accounts, students are left stranded, working crappy jobs, taking whatever they can get, because they are in no position to demand for fair treatment.