Employment – LinkedIn and Job Application Websites

I never created a LinkedIn account until a month into my first job.

I didn’t want to create a LinkedIn account. I don’t think it’s particularly useful. But my manager forced me to create an account on LinkedIn. Several times after he asked me if I’d created my account, I finally conceded and signed up.

LinkedIn doesn’t have my full name. I just used my first name, with no profile pic and a little brief of my skills. It did have my gmail address and phone number though. But those wouldn’t be particularly useful to them, given that I don’t use either.

LinkedIn served no use to me. I didn’t get any job offers from there. I didn’t create any professional acquaintances either, and the few followers that I had just did it out of habit, in case I was ever useful to them. I wasn’t.

Even while my account was active, my privacy settings on LinkedIn were pretty high. I never posted anything on LinkedIn, and while I was usually loggeed in at work, I seldom used it for anything other than look through my coworkers posts.

I used to get dozens of emails everyday from LinkedIn. And this year, I finally decided to scrub my information and delete my account. One less thing to worry about.

There’s a few other websites that I signed up for while I was desperately looking for a job some years back. I’ve written them down somewhere. My accounts and personal information still exists on those websites. I think I’ll make some time to delete those accounts this year.

After posting my CV and resume on several websites and applying for dozens of jobs, I didn’t even get one interview. And only a few companies bothered to send me an email informing me that the position had been filled by someone else.

A part of me still holds a grudge against those companies for not giving me a job. I know it’s petty and really foolish, but I can’t help it. I didn’t apply for a job at some silly no-name company in some remote town; I applied for jobs in the big leagues, because that’s where I thought I belonged.

Anyway – back to LinkedIn; it was acquired by Microsoft in 2016. I didn’t even know about that until now.

Off to Part 2.