The Problem With New Software UI/UX

Dear WordPress,

I gave my best shot at your new block editor.

Seriously, stop trying to create new features that ruin the User Experience.

To the idiots who developed Gutenberg – what the hell were you thinking? Like, seriously?

Thank you.

When I begin typing an article, I want the user interface to be as simple as possible. With all the handy options a click away, and all the complex options tucked away somewhere else.

Over the years I’ve noticed the web and software in general has evolved in the user interface. Pages are now modern with fancy designs and lots of scripts and a load of crap running in the background that shouldn’t really be there in the first place.

If the nerds want to proceed with newer designs and interfaces for websites and software, that’s fine by me. But can they maintain an alternative old school version that just works?

There are a lot of big headed egomaniacs in the software community that are actively working against simple software design and aesthetics. These are the same morons with gigabit ethernet, 8 Core CPUs and 16 Gigs of RAM.
I don’t have that luxury. I don’t want to wait for a minute to open a block editor named Gutenberg.

I don’t like that kind of irrational inconvenience.

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