Surleen Kaur, ISKCON, and The Indian Hypocrisy

I am a Krsna Conscious person.

It is no longer appropriate to talk about one’s religion on the internet. I think that trend began somewhere in 2015, and has become predominant in 2020.
But I think, if you identify yourself as a religious person, then you shouldn’t be ashamed of it, or hide it from others.

Religious people should be treated the same as atheists.
Everybody loved Tom Cruise until it was revealed that he was a Scientologist. And then, he got a lot of hate for it. Even though, I haven’t seen him talk about Scientology to others or preach to them about it.

Almost every religion in the world has a philosophy of preaching to the others. And each one has statements that denote that the followers of the said religion are morally and intellectually superior to those who aren’t.

This is why people hate religion.
Nobody wants to be looked down upon or treated as an inferior human being.

Therefore, I have certain rules regarding religion. The first one being that I do not preach to others.
This actually goes against the philosophy of every religion. They want their followers to preach to the non-believers. They want their numbers to increase.
But I don’t want to preach. I don’t care about followers. I want to practice my devotional service in peace.

This is the same principle that I apply regarding privacy, open source software, Linux and so on.
I do talk about religion, privacy, freedom and other things that interest me in my personal space. Those who want to learn about it can come. Those who don’t can stay away.

I went to a Catholic school. At the same time, I started visiting a nearby ISKCON temple and have done so for two decades, regardless of where I was.

There’s a certain standup comedian, Surleen Kaur, who made a joke about pornography and ISKCON. A lot of Indians didn’t take this very kindly and so they decided to cancel her. Plus ISKCON wanted to sue her and the Shemaroo company was forced to wipe the footage from the internet.

Now I believe in freedom of speech and stating the facts.
I also happen to know several ISKCON leaders who were caught watching porn and/or have admitted to doing so. The information is out on the internet. Before trying to massacre a standup comedian for some lousy joke, perhaps you could do a little research on the subject.

And while I’m on the subject, have any of the Indians crying for Surleen’s blood read any of ISKCON’s literature?
Yeah, I’ve spent several years studying the scriptures so I happen to know a few things these ignorant fools don’t.
What happens if someone reads the Bhagavad Gita As It Is, and finds the part where Srila Prabhupada writes that the materialistic men are living just like cats and dogs? Should or shouldn’t people be offended by that?
Should anyone sue ISKCON for having scriptures that state the facts? Or do those cease to be facts the moment people are offended? Should it be called blasphemy?

The truth remains the truth. It doesn’t matter if it’s some upcoming standup comedian saying it, or a highly venerable saint saying it.

How many Indians have read ISKCON’s books? How many have studied the philosophy and adopted the lifestyle prescribed in the Vedas?
How many Indians have stopped drinking tea, chewing tobacco and eating foodstuff containing onions, garlic and mushrooms? How many have been chanting 16 rounds daily? How many Indians have given up their material desires only to serve The Supreme Personality of Godhead?

As far as I know, Indians are the most materialistic people on the planet. So much, that even religion has become a booming business in India.
Since Srila Prabhupada’s departure, even ISKCON has turned into a business in many cities, with all the sweet shops and restaurants with karmi chefs, with gift shops selling dior perfume and some tribal wristbands from Africa, and so on.
Has anyone looked into this?
Has any Indian walked past the gift shop in an ISKCON center, looked at the different brands of perfumes and wondered, “Wait a minute! Are they selling Dior perfume here?”
How about the restaurants and sweet shops? Has anyone gone to the kitchen in the back to see if the chef is an ISKCON devotee or some karmi guy paid to cook?

Has anyone listened to Srila Prabhupada’s conversations where he clearly said devotees aren’t supposed to engage in mundane welfare activities?
That’s right. Srila Prabhupada never authorised any program to feed school children all across the country. He never wanted ISKCON to be recognized as some NGO engaged in feeding the poor and helping the needy. I think Mother Teresa was pretty good at that.

A lot of Indians simply know ISKCON as a religious organization that feeds the hungry. They know about the Hare Krsna Maha Mantra, and that’s pretty much it.
No concrete philosophical understanding, no interest in following the Varnasrama way of life, and a surprisingly huge shame in wearing dhoti and tilaka.
So the people may say they’re proud of their culture and heritage. But if you asked them to dress according to their culture, they’d call it old-fashioned and outdated.
How many Indian girls still wear saris everyday? Apart from the special events, festivals and occasions, they still dress in western fashion.

The way I see it, the majority of Indians have drifted towards a more modern western lifestyle with more openness and freedom.
So why are they inflamed when some woman cracks a lame joke about religion and pornography?
Do they not support freedom of speech?
And why would anyone be offended when they are nowhere close to even being members of a religious organization?
I’ve been a regular in ISKCON for two decades but I haven’t been offended. Neither should anyone else who’s heard standup comedy before.
Standup comedy is about delivering blunt truths in the form of witty insults.
Nobody else speaks the truth anymore. Not the politicians, not the government, not the teachers, not even the religious people.

ISKCON has had a history of surpressing the facts and pushing everything under the rag.
The organization has managed to cover up decades of child abuse, corruption, rape and even murder.
Even the sannyasis, who are supposed to be the top leaders, men equal to God, without a taint in character, have been found to be involved in such henious activities.
And this is a problem that plagues all religious sects – the Christians, Scientologists, Muslims and everybody else.
Non of these religious groups wants to acnowledge these activities in their history. If you ask them, they just brush it aside and call it nonsense or hateful comments or whatever.
Why can’t people acknowledge the facts?
This is the Kali Yuga.
There are no perfect human beings.
But, there seem to be an awful lot of pretentious scumbags who are even willing to kill to hide their nefarious activities from being discovered.

If everyone could just stop with the hypocrisy, that’d be great.
I don’t want to live in a world where people can’t crack a joke without offending somebody. I don’t want to live in a world where comedians have to censor themselves to stop offending people.
I believe in freedom. This is one of those freedoms. I should be free to speak the truth. You should be free to be offended and go crap yourself.

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