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    My grandfather passed away the day before Radhastami.
    When I heard he was seeing the Yamadutas, I thought they’d toy around with him for 2 weeks before snatching his soul away.
    So when he died just two days after my prediction, I was a little surprised.
    We all knew his time had come; we just didn’t know exactly when.

    Now this article will include some fundamental religious beliefs and teachings from the Vedas. So if you’re an atheist or nonbeliever, skip this one.

    The Lord states in the Bhagavad Gita As It Is that we are souls. We are not this human material bodies.
    Our identification with the gross material bodies is the cause of suffering and illusion under the three modes of material nature.

    The Lord states that just like a person changes clothes from dress to another, the soul changes bodies from one form to another. As such, there is no cause for lamentation.

    Furthermore, The Lord states that the soul is indestructible. The soul can neither be destroyed by fire or air or water or earth or ether. The soul cannot be destroyed by any weapons.

    So why should a person lament when his time arrives? Why should a person fear death?
    Death is but a process by which a person discards his old body and attains a new one.

    Due to the influence of the age of Kali, most people cannot understand this simple concept due to their ignorance.
    And therefore, they are always hankering after material things and trying to satisfy the body.

    A wise man knows to not mourn the dead, as the soul never dies.

    When a person dies, his body stays right here, in front of all his family members and friends and relatives. The body is right there, in front of their eyes.
    So who do they cry about? “Oh! He has left us! He has left us!”
    Who has left them? The body of the deceased is right in front of them.
    Who are they lamenting for?
    What are they grieving for?
    It is the soul. The soul is the driver of the body. The material body is just like a car. Without the driver, a car is nonfunctional.

    The material body is made up of matter. Matter has no life. Matter has no consciousness. Matter is useless.

    The soul is important. The soul needs nourishment.
    Without spiritual cultivation, one cannot satisfy the soul. And if the soul is not satisfied, one can never be happy.
    This point can be proven by all the rich and wealthy, by the famous and popular, by the beautiful and handsome, by the intelligent and the foolish – no one is really happy regardless of how rich they are, or how beautiful they are, or how smart they are, or how famous they are… If a person does not practice spiritual life, they can never be happy.

    Everyone in this material world is hankering after material things. Due to their ignorance, they think that by acquiring the said material things, they will become happy. But, they are never truly happy.
    Material happiness is fickle and temporary.

    A person will always experience cycles of happiness and distress, heat and cold, pain and pleasure and so on.
    This material world is full of dualities. And one should remain equivocal and undisturbed by the material dualities.
    Only then, can one practice devotional service and become happy.

    Anyway, my grandfather’s dead. I didn’t attend his funeral due to the Covid-19 pandemic. I figured if there were too many people at the funeral, it would be quite risky.

    Am I sad that he’s dead? No. Am I sorry he’s dead? No. Do I feel any pain or grief caused by his death? No.
    I am quite unaffected by his death.
    On the contrary, I was angered by the timing of his death as it would mean that I could neither go to the temple nor perform deity worship at home for the next 2 weeks.

    I wasn’t close to the old man. I knew nothing about him and he knew very little about me.
    And that’s my relationship with all my family members and relatives.

    Material detachment is very important for spiritual growth and understanding. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to remain detached to most of the material things.

    One has to understand that when one dies, everything they have a relation to in this world will be left behind.
    You were born naked, without any material possessions, and you will leave this world the same way.
    Nothing in this world matters when death arrives – not your family, not your wife and lovers, not your children and grandchildren, not your money and jewellery, not your bank accounts and business shares, not your cars and land, not your house and TV – you will leave everything behind.

    At the time of death, it doesn’t matter if you’re beautiful or ugly, educated or illiterate, rich or poor, kind or selfish – none of your material qualities and qualifications matter.
    The only thing that’s worth something is your spiritual life. The only thing that’ll save you from the Yamadutas is your devotional life.
    Unless one remembers The Lord, has faith in the Lord and has led a virtuous pious life in the service of the Lord, one is sure to see the Yamadutas at the time of his death.

    So, the question is, how much preparation have you made for death?
    We all know we’re going to die one day; we just don’t know when.
    So, instead of hankering after material possession and pleasures, we should be focusing our time on the service of the Lord.

    A wise man knows that hankering after material pleasures is a waste of time.
    The human body is like a cage, and the soul is like the bird inside the cage.
    Instead of pampering the cage, a wise man knows to feed the bird inside the cage.
    Then he will become happy.

    Hundreds and thousands of people die every single day in the material world.
    Yet the rest of the population continues to hanker after sense enjoyment without any thoughts about their own fate.

    It is time to wake up. It is time to understand and realize one’s true position and identity in this material manifestation. It is time to search out for the real knowledge of the Vedas. It is time to make the best out of this human form of life as it is the only chance that we have to get out of the cycle of birth, death, old age and disease.

    Otherwise, people will continue to go through life after life; as cats, dogs, hogs, trees and fish. And they will continue to suffer in this material world lifetime after lifetime.

    I hope the readers of this article will take some time to ponder on it’s contents. This is a rare case where I’ve discussed the reality of this material world and the practical understanding and solution to our problems.

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    Covid-19: Moving Forward 

    It’s been a while.
    I’ve been in self-isolation for 5 months.
    Nothing’s changed.
    If at all, the pandemic is continuing to ravage most nations.
    The worst part is, all my predictions stand true.

    Let me go back and confirm my journal predictions about the pandemic.

    Tuesday, 31st March 2020: My prediction still stands. 10K infected cases in 2 weeks. 1M countrywide in 2 months. 1B global in 2 months. Yep. That’s 1 Billion infected Covid-19 cases worldwide. It may take longer than that, but it’s definitely on the horizon

    Thursday, 9th April 2020: This pandemic is far from over.
    I predict a billion infections worldwide by the time it’s all over.
    This won’t be over by the end of April.
    It’s going to take several months.
    The governments will have no alternative but to lift their lockdowns and restrictions. People will keep getting infected.
    The statistics are there for everyone to read. Even after many countries imposed lockdowns and quarantine zones, the infected cases just kept rising… This is a classic case where, once you fail to act on time, nothing else matters. You’re done. The governments have failed. Now, they’re done.

    Sunday, 12th April 2020: These lockdowns will have to be extended until August at the very least; which would not be feasible for any country in the world. Either that or they lift the lockdowns to save the dead economy and the numbers will spike even higher.
    There’s no winning in this one. Not for the humans.

    Sunday, 3rd May 2020: With more freedom comes more cases of infection. Time flies, and it seems to me that this lockdown may be extended from August to December. The only way to justify such a long period of lockdown would be 1 Billion infected cases and over 1 Million deaths.
    Now these are ridiculous numbers, even to me, yet somehow, they don’t seem to be unrealistic.
    I did predict 1 Million infected cases in this country alone. And at this rate of spread, the pandemic might as well push through December.

    Sunday, 10th May 2020: Russia and India are quickly climbing to the top. My predictions for Russia go as far as 1M, matching the US. But India, is going to see 200M cases. Now I predicted that number weeks ago. And I don’t see things happening any other way. Just wanted to state it for the record.

    Monday, 18th May 2020: It’s time to focus on the Billion cases I forecast several weeks ago and watch how the world reaches that.

    Sunday, 24th May 2020: India has entered the top 10 Covid-19 race. All nations step aside. This is going to be historical. 400M cases for India.

    Sunday, 19th July 2020: So, 300M in India and a billion cases worldwide – my prediction still stands.

    Okay, so I’ve been pretty unclear of the total number of cases India might end up with. I started with 200M, then doubled it, then reduced it by 100M.

    Monday, 3rd August 2020: The number of cases are dropping.
    Yet individual reports on social media show that the cases are rising, hospitals are full and unequipped, and people are being turned away.
    I think the governments worldwide have gone on full China-mode damage control.
    But that won’t make the pandemic disappear.
    Until now, patients were being recorded officially. Moving forward, people will just get infected and die, and there will be no records to prove anything. Exactly like China did.

    Tuesday, 18th August 2020: The daily cases dropped the past 3 days and I thought the world was done with Covid-19. But nah, everything is just as it was for the US, Brazil and India.
    Oh well!
    Looks like India’s been leading the cases for a few days now, and will continue to do so for the rest of the year.

    Thursday, 27th August 2020: India is still the global leader in daily cases. How many weeks has it been? 2 or 3? Well, it looks like India will continue leading for the rest of the year.

    As of this writing, the world has crossed 25M cases with 848K deaths.
    That’s a lot of deaths. Looks like my prediction of 1M deaths will hit sooner than I’d thought.

    Looking at yesterday’s numbers (because today isn’t over), USA crossed 6M cases, Brazil sits at 3.8M cases and India has crossed 3.5M cases. If this keeps up, India will overtake Brazil in 2-3 weeks.

    India has been leading the world with over 70K cases daily. And as of today, it doesn’t look like India will slow down any time soon.

    In my posts on this site, I predicted 400M cases for India. So let’s give it an upper margin of 400M and a lower margin of the initial 200M.
    This is huge.
    What makes this a pretty big deal is that the pandemic isn’t over until the last nation in the world gets rid of any infected cases.
    As long as any nation has an infected person with such a highly contagious virus, nobody is safe. This has already been proven at the start of the pandemic.

    Why am I so focused on India?
    Because India is just about a 3rd the size of the USA, with a population that is 4 times that of US.
    The US is currently the world leader in the total number of cases, but for how long?

    Anyway, numbers aside, I’m tired of this self-isolation.
    I tried to keep myself indoors all the time but it hasn’t been possible. In fact, I’ve had more exposure to high-risk places and people than I would have had, had I stuck to my pre-pandemic life and moved into the temple.

    The reason for staying at home was to protect myself from exposure to high-risk situations but that’s become increasingly difficult with my responsibilities and activities.

    Everyday I have to drop off someone who works at one of the area’s largest hospitals. The smart Covid-19 precaution would be to stay as far away from hospitals as possible. Because hospitals have Covid-19 patients and all sorts of other patients as well. One could easily be exposed to some dangerous virus at any moment.

    So the risk is always there. Even when I go out to buy milk and groceries and fill up the gas.
    I’ve noticed most of the locals don’t even wear masks. So when they go to buy milk/groceries from the local stores, they could easily infect the shop-owners who could then infect other customers.

    The biggest problem that I’ve noticed is that people don’t know how to wear a mask. If someone doesn’t wear a mask properly, I don’t want to be near them.

    Anyway, my grandfather passed away recently. For 14 days I cannot even worship my deities at home. This is frustrating because now even my spiritual life has been impacted quite negatively.

    My life has become stagnant. Some people have suggested that I move elsewhere and get a job. Well, I had a job before and it sucked. I’m not a corporate guy. I’m not a capitalist. Unlike most people, money holds very little value to me. It’s still very crucial and I am still indirectly reliant on money to stay alive. But I don’t want to make it my primary goal in life.
    In the ancient times, people were self-sustaining because they had their own farms and livestock. They lived simple lives and didn’t have to work very hard to live pleasantly.
    I would very much appreciate such a life, especially in this day and age, even though it could be a difficult transition. I think in the long run, it would be beneficial and very healthy.

    I don’t want to announce my plans yet. But I’m moving away soon.
    I’ve had days when I was very frustrated and irritated for no apparent reason during these 5 months.
    I can’t sit at home and wait for the pandemic to get over when everyone else is continuing with their lives and making progress.

    We’re all going to die one day.
    I would hate to die like this. I’ve got so much potential and skills and talent. I could accomplish so much more before my time is up. And I want to set a record that will remain unbreakable for decades to come.

    This Covid-19 is scary. I haven’t read the news for the past 2-3 months. But I’ve been very careful about my hygiene. And I will continue to maintain my precautions and hygienic standards and hopefully, I will outlive this pandemic.

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    Covid-19: India’s Third Milestone 

    I’m lagging behind on my posting schedule.
    Will fix this ASAP.

    India crossed 3M on Saturday, 22nd August 2020.
    According to my stats, that’s roughly 2 weeks and 3 days from the 2nd milestone.

    Some people may be wondering why I’m only focusing on India’s Covid-19 numbers when the US has 5.8M cases at the time of this writing.
    Well, the entire US would only make up a quarter of India’s population.
    When it comes to population density. poor hygiene, terrible healthcare and a broken system, the US is no match for India.

    India has been leading with the daily Covid-19 cases for over a week now. And that’s just the beginning.

    Life is really just going on everywhere in the world. The Covid fear has faded; a lot of bold people walk in the streets without masks.

    What’s really surprising me is how many people are NOT infected with the Covid-19.
    You’d think that with all these morons walking around with exposed nostrils, the streets would be lined with dead bodies like in Ecuador.
    But that’s not the case here.
    So what’s going on with the Coronavirus? Is it selectively killing off only the weak people? Because I see a lot of sinful wicked people everywhere and none of them seem to be having any health problems.

    After all these lockdowns, restrictions, lifestyle changes and inconveniences, how would the world react if people discovered that the threat of Covid-19 wasn’t as alarming as the governments made it out to be?
    If there’s a pandemic, let’s see some situations that reflect the presence and gravity of said pandemic, shall we?

    There have been rumors of doctors stealing organs from patients who were falsely diagnosed with Covid-19.
    In a country like India, that is quite likely to happen.
    Imagine having seasonal flu and being thrown into quarantine by a bunch of corrupt government officials and doctors so they could harvest your organs and sell them off.

    Anyway, I don’t want to ponder on hearsay.

    There’s been a lot of stuff going on around the world. I haven’t really been in the mood to post articles and give my comments on these events lately.

    What happened to Bolsonaro? Did he recover yet?
    Kim Jong Un is reported to be in a coma.
    Lukashenko’s trotting around with a gun.
    Xi Jinping still doesn’t have Covid.
    Well, it’s time for mother nature to follow up on these scumbags and cleanse the earth.

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    Hair Loss, Receding Hairline and Going Bald 

    My hairline has been receding steadily for a decade.
    It’s gone back an inch in about 10 years.

    I like my hair long. But then I get an itchy scalp and my hair starts falling out by the time it’s an inch long. The longer it grows, the more it falls out.

    I’m balding.

    I guess it’s partly my fault because I never took proper care of my hair when I was a teen.
    I remember lathering my hair with oil and then
    drenching it with water so it stayed the same after I combed it.
    When the water evaporated, my hair could survive a tornado.
    No wonder I got a lot of dandruff back then. It was thick gunk from all the oil and water and sweat and hair.

    How do men deal with balding?
    I don’t know.
    Some men get hair transplants, others rock a shiny top with bushes on the edge while others prefer a clean bald look.
    It’s a lot of insecurity for something so trivial.

    Hair serves a purpose to protect the scalp.
    Other than that, it can be pleasing to look at, or disgusting.

    Since when did hair become so special and important in beautifying a person?
    Ever since I started losing my hair, I’ve began to really appreciate all the bald people; men and women.

    My definition of beauty has changed.
    If a person looks attractive when bald, then it means they really are beautiful.
    But if a person looks ugly when bald, with their weirdly shaped heads and crooked facial features, then no amount of hair can make then beautiful.

    Have you noticed people who use different hairstyles to cover their foreheads or one side of their faces?
    Probably not attractive any other way.

    My beauty varied with the length of my hair.
    When it was too short, I looked ugly.
    When it was medium, I looked fine.
    When it was too long, I looked ugly.

    Now that I’m bald, I think I look fine.
    I have a symmetrical head with symmetrical facial features so it’s not too bad.
    Would I call myself a bald handsome man? No.
    Would I call myself a bald-headed ugly ogre? No.
    I look fine. Not really attractive, but not ugly either.

    And since there haven’t been any women interested in me for the past few years, I think I’m going to sport the bald head for the rest of my life.
    It feels good to touch. My head feels comfortable on a pillow. And I don’t hate myself when I comb my sikha.

    Now that I’m bald, I’ve began to appreciate bald women even more!
    Hair is overrated. If you look beautiful with a bald head, that’s real beauty.

    So there it is. My thoughts on my big bald head. I never thought I’d voluntarily go bald, especially before I hit 30, but it’s happened. I grew detached, and I’m finally at a point in life where I don’t give a crap about silly things like hair.
    I thin I’ve grown old really. Or grown up. Yeah, I definitely feel mature with my big bald head.

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    Covid-19: Social Media Influencers 

    The 2010’s have seen the rise of a new generation of working class known as “Social Media Influencers and Vloggers.”
    These are the people who spend their days posting selfie pics and videos on YouTube, TikTok, Facebook and Instagram.
    Apparently, most of them can make a decent living out of it too.
    Isn’t that just wonderful?
    Now I’m not hating on their profession or lifestyle. I don’t envy them nor do I wish I was them.

    There’s a problem with capitalism. It turns people into a bunch of obnoxious show-offs and self-centered pricks.
    I saw that at my old job. And I’ve seen that on YouTube.
    It just takes a trickle of money to get them dancing on their feet. And after that, the more money you throw at them, the more they’ll be willing to do anything. People will readily sell their souls to the devil if it could get them some money.
    After a while, money becomes the focal point. Everything becomes about the money.
    It’s one of the reasons I haven’t started my own YouTube channel.

    I watch a bunch of YouTubers regularly. Quite often, I will watch them for a while, and then the quality of their content drops as they grow into bigger channels, gain more subscribers and make more money.
    The only channels that I’ve been able to watch regularly without switching are the tech channels. Everyone else just seems to change into capitalist vampires once they grow big.
    And you can see it when they stop uploading videos and only make videos when they have a sponsor. When there is no growth, people become stagnant, and quickly lose interest in their work. After that, it’s just about the money.

    Anyway, a lot of what I’ve said above is irrelevant.

    There’s a bunch of YouTubers I’ve watched, who do not wear masks, frequently go out to “make content” with their friends, and have gotten infected by the Coronavirus.
    They have purposefully neglected social distancing, many of them live with their friends and have thus passed the virus onto them as well.

    I don’t want to name anybody here.

    Do these people have no shame?
    Do they not feel worried about getting infected and passing the virus onto others, who may potentially have low immunity or high risk?

    At what point did the objective goal become about making videos with as many exciting events as possible just to get more viewers and subscribers?
    There’s a pandemic out there; stay home and film yourself going about your boring life, share your thoughts with your viewers about topics interesting to you, and that should be enough for anyone who likes you to keep watching your videos.

    There are so many YouTubers who started out with regular normal videos and then shifted to these clickbait stupid videos going around,filming everyone and everything and trying to make their lives seem magical and full of excitement and adventure.
    You can fool some 15 year old teenager with that load of crap. But the rest of the world knows your life is as boring and pathetic as everyone else. Stop trying to exaggerate how lavish your lifestyle is.

    These are the people who get tested weekly, not because they care, but because they know their reckless lifestyles put them at risk more than anyone else.

    If I lived with my girlfriend and a bunch of friends, I’d be sitting at home, going out only when absolutely necessary, and taking all the precautions to avoid being infected.
    I couldn’t live knowing that I infected someone I loved or people I really liked because of my reckless and foolish actions. But that’s just me. I’m not a social media influencer. And rightfully so.

    Anyway, this has cut out a lot of YouTubers from my watch list. I’m glad I don’t have to waste time watching them. Thankfully I can divert my time to more fruitful activities, like watching flies fvck. I think watching two flies go at it would be more productive than watching another one of these obnoxious social media influencers going around with their stupid cameras spreading the Coronavirus to everyone else.

    I’ll have to make a list of these morons and keep it somewhere.

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