Krsnah OS: End Of Support

Alright! That’s it!
I’ve had enough of this Linux ecosystem because updates keep breaking everything.

The Linux ecosystem sucks!
Let me say that again: LINUX SUCKS!

I don’t care what distro you are on. I don’t care if you’re running Linux or Unix or Microdick Windows okay? They all suck!

Last month I updated Krsnah Mobile OS v4.3. And the update broke the icons and notification system. So I had to roll back.

Today, I updated Krsnah Desktop OS v4.3. And guess what? The WiFi broke. I could not access my WiFi because the WiFi module stopped working. So I narrowed it down to either the Linux Kernel or the Broadcom Wireless Driver update, and, after some thought, my router.
I rolled back again.
Just to make sure it wasn’t the router, I rolled back those settings to a file from July 2016.

Here’s the crazy thing – The Broadcom Wireless Drivers just uninstalled by themselves from my emergency Windows partition. What kind of magic crap is this?
And nothing worked until I rolled my Linux partition to a previous date.

And I rebooted my netbook a dozen times just to check that the WiFi worked every single time.

I was sitting in the morning, relaxing after breakfast, and I thought to myself, let me grab the updates from upstream. And everything was fine until I restarted the netbook.

Then I had to do some research and go hunting for a solution. I tried some stuff but nothing worked.
The easiest solution was to roll back.
And I still wasted a few hours on this crap!

So, I’ve had enough of software updates.
I don’t want any more updates.
I don’t want to deal with little things breaking here and there and having to reinstall the whole OS when something important stops working.

From now on, there will be no rolling updates.
After my last installation during the Lockdown, I managed to fix the screen recording issue. But it cost me about 3 days to get everything set up and working again.
I don’t have that much time to waste on a stupid netbook with stupid software updates.
Is this thing worth 3 days of my life? I DON’T THINK SO!

Krsnah Desktop OS v4.3 and Krsnah Mobile OS v4.3 are the final LTS editions for this year.
That means there won’t be a single software update on either OS unless something important breaks. And I don’t know why anything would break if nothing’s been modified.

Maybe now I’ll have time to configure some things I really wanted to start using and actually spend some time using them instead of wasting all my time updating stuff that I never get to use.

As for security patches and fixes, well, I stopped worrying about them the day I switched to Linux and rooted my phone.

The next updates will be done on the last week of the year. Maybe I’ll create a new build and start next year with a fresh install on both devices.