Covid-19: India’s Fifth Milestone

Yesterday – Tuesday, 15th September 2020, India crossed it’s 5th milestone.

That’s just 10 days from the previous milestone.

I believe the highest record so far has been 97K cases in India.
I’ve been waiting for the 100K daily grand record.

Where are all the news articles screaming about the uncontrolled spread of Covid-19 in India?
Everyone was making a big deal out of China, Iran, Italy, Spain and New York.
Now the world has moved on.
There are no more lockdowns. Nobody cares about social distancing and stupid white circles chalked out outside stores and in the malls.

I remember many so-called “experts” proclaiming the peak of the pandemic in May, June and July.
It is now mid-September. While the US, Brazil and Russia may have seen their peak number of cases in June and July, India was just getting started.

I’m trying to understand what mother nature is doing to the course of the pandemic.
It seems like nature is playing a trap game with the human species.
The pandemic keeps at bay long enough for people to go about their daily lives and then bam! One person gets infected as the others scurry away.
Everyone goes into hiding for a while and then people start creeping out again, disobeying social distancing rules, not wearing masks etc.
Bam! Another one gets infected with Covid-19.
Mother nature could play this game all year long. And the ignorant who would think it was all over may end up sustaining life-long health issues or quite possibly, just die and free up some space on the planet.

I see so many countries with less than a 1000 new cases daily.
I think this is a dangerous bait laid out by nature to lure out the fools.
Some 300 new cases in a day doesn’t seem like much when compared to 90K in India.
But how does that pan out in the long run if there’s just a few hundred cases everyday?
It means the pandemic may never come to a complete stop.
In India, this is laid out as ~90K cases daily. Because in a population of 1.3B people, 90K seems like a handful.
Some countries don’t have enough people to survive the pandemic.
Israel has just over 9M people. Imagine how long it would take to turn the country into a mass graveyard. If Israel was running India’s numbers of 90K cases daily, the country would be empty in 100 days. Can you imagine that?
Look at the population of various countries.
Many small countries and tiny islands would be wiped out within a single day.

This really helps put things into perspective.
Humans think they’re so tough and strong and mighty, but they’re all completely dependent on mother nature’s mercy.
A single blow could wipe out the entire planet’s population.

Why is it just the humans who have to suffer from untreatable diseases? Other species don’t have to fear pandemics.
Then again, every species has it’s own dangers. And each of them is comparative to the pandemic in magnitude.

So what lessons have humans learned from the pandemic?
I don’t think people have learned any valuable lessons from the pandemic. That’s why it’s been going on for so long. People have become so ignorant to the force of nature, that most of them have refused to change their sinful behavior.
And some geniuses think they can find a vaccine or cure for Covid-19. From where? Where will you find the cure from? Where will you obtain the vaccine from? Everything we humans have is provided by mother nature. Nobody here has created anything.
Human beings are not creators. They’re users. They’re utilizing what’s been provided to them by the earth.

I’ve zoomed out to the bigger picture.
Some of this may seem like nonsensical mumbo jumbo from a religious nutjob. But it’s not. It takes a big brain to think about the grand scheme of all life. In contrast, it only takes a small-minded self-absorbed dimwit to focus on temporary useless material things.

As of this writing, India has 97,859 new cases today.
Nobody’s stopped to ask why. Why is this happening?
Everybody’s asking when it will stop. But that’s the wrong question to ask. The correct question in everyone’s minds should be, why did the pandemic even start?

This universe runs on cause and effect. Everything in the material world runs on the basis of cause and effect. Nothing has ever happened just randomly, without any reason.
So why the pandemic? Why did it happen?
I have a feeling that this is one of those diseases that will never have a cure. There will never be a vaccine for the Covid-19.

For the idiots who think Russia’s found the vaccine, well, perhaps they’d like to wait for another year before they start realizing it was all a media op. Just like the race to the moon, the race to the Arctic and Antarctica, and now, the race for the Covid-19 vaccine. The Russians don’t care about the vaccine. They only care about being labelled the first ones to have found it.
If they’d really found one, now would’ve been a good time to send some to India so they could save some lives. Unless, of course, Russia’s waiting for the pandemic to wipe out 400M Indians before sending them some help.

Anyway, I think I’m going to start exploring some spiritual explanations and solutions to real world problems. The scientists have been doing research on the Covid-19 since January but they still don’t know crap about the virus and what it really does.
Since modern scientific research has failed to provide concrete answers and solutions, I might as well start detailing the answers and solutions from the scriptures.

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