Defining Success

I wasn’t a very bright student in primary school.
I think I was smart enough to be in the top 4 positions when I was in 1st and 2nd grades. But after that, my results tanked until I moved to a different city in 7th grade.

When I left my former school, I was one of the bottom 10 students in academic performance.
And I spiked to the top 3 positions in my new school.

So what happened to me? Did I suddenly turn into a genius in the new school?
No. My former school had a terrible curriculum. The teachers burdened the students with so much homework, that there was never any time for recreational reading and relaxation.
It seemed that I was only going to school to make notes and finish assignments.

The new school wasn’t so heavy on assignments. I was able to finish them at school and have time to read a novel at home, or just relax or go to the temple.
It gave my brain some room to breathe.
The human brain needs rest. If one is constantly taxing the brain, they’ll burnout, and performance will drop incessantly.

That was the peak performance of my brain in my lifetime. After that, I was never so smart or intelligent again.

For 4 years: 7th grade, 8th, 9th, and 10th, I was the smartest kid to walk the earth. Because school wasn’t so tough and my brain had plenty of time to relax.

However, something happened in those years that changed my perspective.
One of the students in the new school was an even bigger genius and way smarter than me. The guy was my only competition. He always came first, and I came second.
You’d never catch him reading a book.
It was said that whenever he read a book, he’d remember everything. He didn’t need to make notes and revise his notes or memorize stuff.

Then he died.
It was a car accident.
The incident changed how I viewed academic success.
What good were my grades if I died suddenly?
It changed my competitive spirit. So much that by the time I finished high school, I didn’t care who came first and who came last. I just wanted to pass the exams and move on.

When I went to university, I discovered a new breed of people – cheaters and copycats. There were students who copied during the exams to get whatever grades they got.
What good was success if you cheated?

And then I joined the corporate world and got a job. And I discovered an even more dangerous breed of people – liars, manipulators and heartless scumbags.
These were the folks who sat at their desks sending emails full of fake promises and utter lies. Every phone call was filled with crap. Yet these people were applauded in every meeting. They got bonuses and appraisals.
I was shocked by the fact that the company approved of such behavior.
Officially, words such as honesty, hard-work, integrity and passionate were thrown around. In reality, there wasn’t an honest soul in the company. Lies were thrown around like confetti and most of the people hated their jobs.
Was this the success working folks bragged about to their family and friends?
They were basically earning money by deceiving innocent people and manipulating them and burying their heads with lies.
That’s why the company’s profit margins and annual revenues were so high.

How can you sleep at night knowing very well that you’ve wasted another person’s time and robbed them of their money? How do you sleep at night knowing you’ve given out false promises which you never intend to deliver? How do you sleep at night knowing that your paycheck comes from literally scamming innocent hard-working people?
Is this what you call a successful entrepreneur?

And why does a high performance employee indirectly refer to the guy in the office who scams the highest number of people in a day?

And what do they get in return? 0.000001% of the company’s profits? Congratulations!
There’s a guy who earned the company a profit of $20K in a single deal. And he got a gift card of 30 bucks to show appreciation.
How much is that? 0.0015% of what the company made? Wow! Such a huge bonus! Shouldn’t the guy go down on the manager to thank him for the gift card? Come on now! If your boss gives you a 0.0015% share of the company’s profits, you should thank him with a fellatio.

That’s how companies are making money. That’s how companies like Google, Apple, Amazon etc make billions in a year. Someone, somewhere, is losing money to make these companies richer. That’s the employees and the customers.

And what’s with the weird work hours? 10 hour shifts, 12 hour shifts, 14 hour shifts.
Oh I’ve done these shifts. I know exactly what I’m talking about.
Why do these shifts exist? These shifts exist because nobody has the balls to stand up and say no! They will no longer work for more than 8 hours!
Now how did these shifts come into existence?
Some nerd – some overenthusiastic cock-gobbler sat in the office late into the night. And why did he do that? Because he has no life! He has absolutely no life – he doesn’t have a wife, his family disowned him, his friends said he was a weirdo, his neighbors pulled down the blinds whenever he comes home, and even the cops left him alone after that one time he tried to french kiss an officer who pointed the breathalyzer at him.
So one day, the manager forgot his phone in the office and hurried back to get it, and what does he see? He sees this guy glued to his screen, typing away.
And the manager thought, “Hmm, if this guy can work till – what time is it? 09:00 p.m. – why can’t the others work till 09:00 p.m.? What are the rest of the employees doing at home anyway? Having a life? Spending time with their kids? Doing laundry? Going out for a dinner and a movie? Having fun? Hah! Nobody needs to have fun! From tomorrow, everybody will stay in the office until 09:00 p.m.!”

There was a time in history when people didn’t do night shifts. People worked during the day and slept in the night. But now, every job has a night shift. Corporate culture and capitalism has taken over the nights. People sleep at odd hours and get sick. Then they spend their money in night hospitals.
There are night schools and night classes these days. I don’t know when these came up, but probably, some corporate asshat turned into a teacher and introduced night classes into the curriculum.

Has anybody stopped to think, “Why am I doing this? Why am I working for 14 hour shifts? Why am I doing the graveyard shift? Why do I have to work on the weekends? Why does the company pay me 0.0015% of it’s profit? Why am I lying and cheating others on behalf of the company? Why am I not exposing the company for being a scam? Why have I not punched my manager in the face? Why haven’t I snuck up behind the CEO of this company and choked him in a shime-waza hold? This waste of oxygen sits in his glass office for a couple of hours and walks off with a million dollar paycheck. Why can’t he earn 1% less and I, 1% more?”

Capitalism and corporate culture has turned everyone into mindless robots.
Is this what people call being successful?
You’re earning money but it’s not enough to save something substantial. You have to work in order to eat because you aren’t saving nearly enough to stop working any time soon.
And then you have to pay off bank loans and student loans and mortgages and insurance and so on.
You get married and you have kids. Now you worry even more about saving money for your children’s education. They grow up and become part of the toxic corporate culture. Then they get married and the cycle goes on and on.

Of course there’s the societal pressure, peer pressure and family pressure. You have to study hard, work hard and succeed. Failure to do so will result in condescending looks and tones from your family, relatives, neighbors, girlfriend, teachers, coworkers, boss and even your dog.
Loser walks in and even the dog will get up and walk away. “Screw this guy. He’s a loser and a failure!”
Even your cat may scratch you up. “Failure! failure! failure!”
No sex from your wife because she believes it’s pathetic to screw a guy driving a 2002 honda civic.
Your kids hate you and tell their friends they’re adopted at school.
Your wife changes her Facebook status to single because you can’t afford a vacation trip to Paris for your anniversary.
You end up sucking your boss’s d!ck so you can get that 0.0015% bonus.

Thank you very much.
My name’s isvarahparamahkrsnah and this article isn’t approved for the PG-rated crowd.