Racism In South Africa

Just opened 9gag to see what’s the latest on the news.
And what do I see?
3 articles about 3 different hate-crimes in South Africa.

Why is the rest of the world not talking about this?
Why is this not the center of all discussions on the internet right now?

Well, I’ll tell you why.
I was born in Africa. I grew up there.
I know the land. I know the people. I know the culture.
And I’ve talked about this in one of my articles.
Racism is normal in Africa.
Just like in Asia.
If you’ve lived in Asia, you know how racism works.
And if you’ve lived in Africa, you know exactly how racism works.

So how does racism work in Africa?
Oh I’ll tell you how!
First of all, every country in Africa has dozens of different tribes. Different tribes do not see eye-to-eye with one another.
The hatred between the tribes is so prevalent, that there have been multiple genocides in Africa. Hello Rwanda, Burundi, Sudan, Uganda, DRC!

And then come the Arabs, Indians, Chinese, and Caucasians.
The Arabs have a reputation for not playing around when it comes to handling troublemakers. So for the most part, they’re left alone.
The Indians, Chinese and white folks bear the brunt of racism in Africa.

You can go around and ask any Indian, Chinese or white guy if they have been victims of racism by the local Africans, and the general consensus will be a sound Yes.

Now, are all Africans racist?
Just like every other continent, you’ll find some racist folks, and some lovely folks.

But things have been changing.
During the last two decades, there has been a huge shift in the quality of life in Africa.
And many foreigners who were born in Africa and grew up in Africa have been leaving the continent.
When I say foreigners in this context, I mean people from other continents who came and settled down in Africa during or after the colonial period.
The fact is, they are citizens of the various countries in Africa. Both by birth and by law.
But they’re not treated as such by the native population.
They are treated as foreigners or invaders. People who came from other continents to steal their privileges and good opportunities.
Much of the racism stems from this alone.
And I understand it.

A large population in Africa is very poor.
So when the local populace see the Indians and Chinese and Caucasians living comparatively wonderful lives, they feel like they’ve been robbed of what is rightfully theirs.
The Idi Amin saga in Uganda is a prime example of this.

You can see the inequality in the job opportunities, work culture and nepotism in the continent.
The majority of white collar jobs are taken by Indians, Chinese and white folks. Let me put it this way: If you see an Asian or Caucasian, he probably has a white collar job.
Blue color jobs, pink color jobs, red color jobs and brown color jobs are all taken by the local Africans.

When you’ve lived there, you can understand why some Africans may hate foreigners living in their countries.
There is no equal opportunity.
While the majority of the local Africans go to government schools, the Asians and Whites study in expensive private schools.
While the majority of Africans will start working immediately after high school, most of the Asians and Whites will go to universities abroad.

You’ll never find an Asian or Caucasian living in a slum.
It’s always the underprivileged local Africans who live in tin huts, do drugs, commit crime and dream about modest lives.

The large portion of white collar crimes committed by Asians and Caucasians go undetected.
Blue collar crimes and pink collar crimes are often committed by the local Africans.
These are often out of desperation because they rarely have an alternative. Working regular jobs doesn’t pay much so they resort to crime to continue their livelihood.

It is a sad situation.
Considering all the hard-working individuals who never make it big in life.

Corruption is rampant in Africa.
You can’t get any work done within the system without paying bribes.
The governments are wholeheartedly corrupt. And the people who suffer the most are the local Africans who don’t have money to pay bribes. As a result, they’re often mistreated and abused.

Over the past decade, there has been a rise in violent crimes committed against white farmers in South Africa.
Things are getting out of hand.
While the blacks may be eager to kick out the whites, they don’t seem to be adequately prepared to take over the farms.
A little history lesson can be learned from Zimbabwe.
Does South African want currency bills of 1,000,000 Rand?

Overall, I think the African continent has been going downhill since I was born.
And it’s generally been the same for every other continent and country in the world.
I just don’t see any improvement anywhere anymore.
I think the peak development was achieved in the early 2000’s. And ever since then, it’s been a gradual decline.

Anyway, there’s my thoughts on the racism problem in Africa. It’s never going away. Even if all the “foreigners” were kicked out, the problem would still continue with the infighting among the local ethnic groups.
And the same applies to Asia. Look at the Middle East, look at India, look at China. Do you think racism will ever cease to exist in these regions?
Europe and America has made remarkable progress in this regard. But with all the political correctness and sensitive people flocking the internet nowadays, I think those continents have reached peak equality. Anything going forward will only result in a decline.

I see progress in this regard like a sine wave. When you’ve reached the peak of the curve, it has to go down again.
Progress is not exponential or infinite.
That’s just the reality of the material world.
Under illusion, we may think we’re making progress, but we’re actually moving backwards.

That’s an interesting phenomenon.
I’ve watched old historical footage of Europe before the World War and after the World War.
The cities back then were more beautiful than what they are now.
The people were also dressed in a more sophisticated fashion than they are now.
And I guess you can compare many countries and actually see how there has been a decline in the quality of life. India, Iran, Uganda, just to name a few.
If you can find the footage of these countries from the 1930’s through 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and compare to what these countries look like today, you’ll notice the stack difference. And it doesn’t look like progress at all.

Here’s a thought that just crossed my mind.
Racism existed in the Old Testament and the New Testament.
If God wanted everyone to live as equals, why did he divide mankind into different races and ethnic groups?
Interesting question for the theists.
Okay. I’m just blabbering on now.

Stop rassisme in Suid-Afrika!