Covid-19: India’s Seventh Milestone

3 days ago – on Friday 9th October 2020, India crossed 7M cases.
That’s 13 days from the previous milestone.

Why have the number of daily cases in India dropped significantly while the country has opened everything up?
Have Indians acquired some magical immunity that the rest of the world is incapable of?
Or, is the Indian government intentionally screwing the numbers up to avoid overtaking the US by November 1st?

The US just crossed 8M cases.
India seems to be lowering the numbers slowly, to avoid global suspicion.

Are the government’s trustworthy at all?
Look at Brazil!
Brazil crossed 5M cases and dropped it’s numbers so fast, it should’ve been some miracle by Christ standing over Rio.
3139 cases yesterday. Only 3K!
And the day before that, it was 34,650.
Did nobody look at the numbers and question, “What the fvck’s going on?”
Will Jair Bozonaro share the secret of dropping the cases with the rest of the world?
Where did he learn that trick? Did he learn it from Putin?

So this is what’s going on with the pandemic.
China covered up their numbers.
Russia followed suit. Along with Spain, Italy, France and Ecuador.
Now Brazil’s tired of being 3rd so Bolsonaro the bozo decided to drop the numbers all at once so some other countries could either catch up or take over.

Meanwhile the rest of the countries will by now have caught on to the fact that many world leaders are covering up their numbers.
If China had been honest about their numbers, this trend wouldn’t have become so widespread.

We can all thank China for spreading the Coronavirus and covering up their numbers shamelessly.
Thank you China!
Thank you Xi Jinping for teaching the world a lesson on how to be dishonest!
Let’s have a round of applause for China.
Perhaps we can have a barbecue with fried dogs, raccoons, snakes and the world’s favorite – bat soup! It’s time to celebrate!
Maybe we can go on a tour of the Uighur museum afterwards – the world’s first zoo of human right violations where we can be entertained by a bunch of enslaved uyghurs dancing and clapping whilst singing the Chinese National anthem. And we can feed them with the Hans’ favorite delicacies consisting of roasted pets to show our appreciation for the Chinese national heritage.

China has gotten away with a lot of dirty deeds. And the rest of the world has determined that they too could get away with the same kind of sh!t if they tried.
From the China firewall to the extravagant surveillance systems to banning free speech to modern day slavery. China is the real world leader in screwing the citizens.
Where did they get that idea from? Next door neighbor Kim Jong Il. And the cancerous disease spread over to Russia as well.

India is not far behind.
The crap that started in North Korea is spreading slowly like a cancerous growth.