Mozilla Sucks!

I decided to update the apps from F-Droid and what do I see? Fennec has a new icon!

So I opened the browser after the update and found it had killed all my add-ons except uBlock Origin.
I tried to install the add-ons again and it didn’t work anymore.

Since Fennec is based on Firefox, I downloaded Firefox and lo and behold! This is all Mozilla’s new plan!

Ever heard of the saying – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?
I stopped using Firefox on my desktop since 2016.
I’ve gone through Vivaldi, Chrome, Chromium, Opera, Falkon, Waterfox… and they all suck! Because each time I settle down for one browser, the devs change something important and fvck up everything for the users.

The only good thing about Firefox on Android was the extensions. And now they’ve killed it.
Thanks Mozilla! Great work! What a wonderful job you’ve done in aligning yourselves with the rest of the crappy corporate browsers!

Perhaps it’s time to consider a personal web browsing solution.