Covid-19: India’s Eighth Milestone

On Thursday, 29th October 2020, India officially crossed 8M cases of Covid-19.

I would like to congratulate the relevant authorities on a good job stifling the numbers.

It is Sunday, 1st November at the time of this writing. And India is supposed to have crossed US by the Covid-19 numbers.
And I think the entire universe, including the dogs in Wuhan, and the spirits in Mexico, predicted that India would beat the US by November 1st.
But alas!
India performed a magic trick called censorship and corruption and wallah! Still behind the USA.
Congratulations India.
If I want to learn the art of corruption, I’ll definitely ping an Indian government employee.
Perhaps I’ll learn how to hypnotize everyone so that no one will notice a thing.
Sorry! Wrong country!
I think China is the best teacher.

Anyway, this censorship trick really put me off.
I’m going to stop counting after 10 because India’s playing dirty.
They must’ve learned that from China.
They must also be very slow because China stopped counting at 80K. India only learned the trick after 7M.
This is how you know China will win any war against India. Because they’ll rig the war from the beginning. By the time India realizes what’s happening, they’ll be like Taiwan or Hong Kong.


Meanwhile, the US is hitting world records with 101K+ cases two days ago.

What’s new across the world?
A typhoon in the Philippines as we speak.
Riots in Barcelona over Covid-19 restrictions, 7.0 magnitude earthquake in Turkey and Greece, protests in Poland regarding abortion laws, Armenia and Azerbaijan continue their war, three Christians beheaded by an Islamist (wasn’t it just a few days ago that some teacher was beheaded for talking about Islam in his class?) in France, a lot of migrants coming into Europe from North Africa, and thus ends October 2020.

Covid-19 cases are rising again in Europe. Many countries are going into lockdown once again.
I can only hope that we will finish the year with a worldwide lockdown.
Open things up in Jan next year and hope things get better.