Covid-19: USA Number One!

The USA crossed 10M cases on Saturday, 7th November 2020.

We all know India should be number one. But due to fraudulent numbers, India has decided to maintain it’s 2nd place by crook.

The daily cases in the US have been 100K+ for the past week.
And there are no signs of slowing down.

At this point, there’s nothing much to add on the subject matter.
We all know why there’s so many cases in the US. We all know why the pandemic hasn’t subsided.
And now we know that 2020 was a preview for the year 2021.
If people thought the lockdown sucked, wait till next year. They’ll be begging the governments to shut everything down.

People don’t care unless their health or the health of their loved ones is affected. Otherwise lockdowns and restrictions are just a nuisance to deal with.