Stating The Facts

Some Indian guy went on my blog and posted an article beneath my article about Surleen Kaur and the ISKCON hypocrisy.
Clearly this guy was irked by a lot of the facts that I’d stated and he was trying to downplay them.
I’m going to make a few comments here.

You appear to profess yourself as a scholar of ISKCON’s philosophy and spiritual teachings; I wish you had the same scholarship on the constitutional rights guaranteed to every Indian.

I don’t think I ever claimed myself to be a scholar.
Quite frankly, I don’t care about the constitutional rights of people in India.
India is a country where rapists go unpunished by the legal system for several years at a time. India is the country where a woman who was raped and killed was cremated in a farm in the middle of the night BY POLICEMEN while her family members were locked in the house BY POLICEMEN.

You talk of the liberal value that guarantees oneself the right to speak and express freely under Article 19, Clause (1a) of the Indian constitution…

Where? Where did I mention the Indian constitution in my article?
This guy, let me get his name now – oooooh yes! We’re going deep in there now! This guy named Pratik thinks I’m an Indian living in India who is governed by the Indian constitution. Therefore he thinks I give a crap about his Indian constitution.

Don’t you think such dim-witted blabber breaches the constitutional rights of a believer and, in turn, disrupts social harmony? If not, then either you are a hypocrite yourself, or you just don’t understand the law in its entirety.

Me? A hypocrite? ohoho! ohohohoho ya yeet! You must’ve confused me with one of your corporate ISKCON gurus.
Here’s the thing about the law – I don’t give a crap about the law. I’m an anarchist. And since you seem to be fairly aquainted with ISKCON to write such a long ass article beneath my article, I’ll have you know that the laws in Kali Yuga are written by sudras and enforced by sudras. They don’t mean jack.
There’s only one law around here – My law. And my law states that you’re a criminal for opposing my facts with useless arguments. Therefore these comments will now be published in a separate article just for your sake.

Why shall a comedian’s right to freedom of speech and being offensive outclass a religious person’s right to get offended?

As a religious person, I did not find Surleen’s joke offensive.
In your case, you’re making arguments as a religious person who wants to hide the facts under the rug because if everyone knows about it, people will stop giving donations and joining your gestapo movement.

Now, let’s just answer a few questions raised by you and invalidate your baseless arguments one by one:

What’d I just say? FACTS. I stated the facts. You viewed them as baseless arguments because you clearly aren’t smart enough to distinguish facts from fiction.

1.You ask, “And why would anyone be offended when they are nowhere close to even being members of a religious organization?”
Ans: FYI – The person who has intended to take legal action is a devout ISKCON member, Radharamn Das, Vice-president, ISKCON, West Bengal.

Boo hoo! I wrote this article to comment on the multitudes of Indians who were crying and whining about it on the internet.

2. You say, “Standup comedy is about delivering blunt truths in the form of witty insults.
Nobody else speaks the truth anymore. Not the politicians, not the government, not the teachers, not even the religious people.”
Counter – If I were to believe that you and your beloved comedians speak the truth, then I rather need to disown the India’s constitution and surrender unto you and your will. I just don’t understand why anyone would think that he has got a monopoly over the truth. It’s for the courts to decide what’s the truth and what’s not, and we have a due legal process for that.

Please do! Me and my will have more sense than your Indian constitution.
The truth is universal. When I speak the truth, I’m speaking for the entire human species. That’s how truth works.
The courts? What courts?
Anarchists don’t give two craps about the courts.
The due legal process is flawed. Where’s the due legal process for all the rapists in India? This fool wants to talk about due legal process for a comedian who cracked a joke about religion.
This is why India is a crappy country.

Counter – You claimed that you are an ISKCON follower for two decades and a scholar of its literature. Now, I have reasonable facts to doubt your claims. … To me, you come across as a self-proclaimed ISKCON scholar who’s oblivious to a lot of facts about its history … I don’t know what books you are reading, but I, for one, can assure you that they are certainly not in correspondence with ISKCON’s teachings.

I’m not just a follower. I served in the altar for about 3 years when I was just a teenager.
That’s right! I was helping the pujari do the night dressing every single evening. And I’ve done numerous services that I don’t need to tell you.
You don’t have reasonable facts. You’ve got unreasonable nuts. And I’ve got a good mind to come stomping.
I never proclaimed to be an ISKCON scholar. I’m just the guy with the balls to state the facts about the organization without licking boots and being a yes-man.
You know absolutely nothing about me. Not that I’d want to tell you anything about me either. You’re irrelevant. You’re a nobody.

The books I’m reading currently are Srimad Bhagavatam and Bhagavad Gita As It Is – both translated by His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.
Of course they’re not in correspondence with ISKCON’s teachings. Do people in ISKCON read Srila Prabhupada’s books any more? Or do they just go out and shove them into people’s faces and force them to buy them?
So if we are going to discuss ISKCON’s teachings, then clearly they’ve come up with their own versions of teachings which include silencing the truth and posting articles with useless arguments beneath articles stating the facts.

Counter – The one thing that Srila Prabhupada and everyone in the Gaudiya Vaishnavism lineage emphasized before leaving this material world was to propagate the philosophy of the Hare Krishna movement and share this eternal love of God with others through the distribution of books, Sunday feasts, and Sankirtan. On the one hand, you totally disregard that core concept of this religious congregation; on the other hand, you quote Srila Prabhupada on how he asked his disciples not to engage in any mundane activities. At this point, I really need to doubt your credibility as a Hare Krishna.

The core concept is flawed in it’s implementation.
Book distributors, even in the early 80’s, used unfavorable and sometimes illegal methods to sell books. They just wanted to get the books out by any means. I don’t think that’s what Srila Prabhupada had in mind. If you forcefully push people to buy your books, you’re ruining the image of the very organization you’re trying to advocate.
Is it just me or are some idiots in ISKCON too dumb to understand the basics?
Sankirtana hasn’t been happening since Srila Prabhupada’s disappearance.
Back in the early days, devotees used to go out for Harinama Sankirtana every single day!
Has that been happening over the last two decades? Absolutely not! Most temples haven’t had Harinama Sankirtana in years. The only Harinama they’ve had is during Rath Yatra festivals.
And since you’re in India, I’ll have you know that ISKCON temples in the rest of the world have deteriorated even faster than ISKCON in India.
You’re talking about Sankirtana – many temples don’t even have someone to sing Gaura aarti in the evening. That’s the state of ISKCON for the past few years. And I know that because I’ve sang aartis by myself for several weeks on a stretch.

I don’t need to prove my credibility to you. The facts have been stated. You’re the only one who had a problem with them.
Matter of fact, you should be the one proving your credibility to me and the rest of the internet. Who in the blue hell are you?

Counter – You premised your entire argument insinuating that because some leaders of ISKCON were caught and have admitted to watching porn, therefore, the entire ISKCON community shall not get offended by the misrepresentation and stigmatization of its congregation by these so-called veracious, unerring, and infallible comedians. Your argument is essentially based on a hasty generalization, and therefore, it is an informal logical fallacy because it has got a reasoning error and lacks logical consistency.

If I’m not offended by the truth, why are you offended? Are you a more credible congregation member than me? I don’t think so!
I’m not arguing. You’re the one having arguments with me!
I’m stating facts backed by sound logic.
You’re the one with reasoning error because your mind has been clouded by the gestapo ideology of censoring the truth.

If the freedom of speech is what that matters to these comedians, then why make jokes disproportionately targeting a particular sect or religion?

You clearly don’t watch standup comedy at all.
There’s jokes about every religious sect by various standup comedians.
Surleen cracked the ISKCON joke because she’s an Indian.
I bet if she cracked a joke about Catholic priests doing what Kirtanananda Swami did, you wouldn’t have a problem with that, now would you?

I don’t care personally what these ignorants have to say in their capacity as long as it’s a private conversation. However, I strongly object to them using social platforms to stigmatize a sect in the public domain.

Well well well, we’ve got another gestapo officer here.
You should get a medal of honor from the GBC and promoted to a high ranking management position.

By the way, have you met Hanuman Das? He spends a lot more time exposing ISKCON than I do.
I’d love to see you try and intimidate him.

By the way, Internet sources does not contain first-hand information. Therefore, they should be treated with a certain degree of scrutiny and distrust. It might look credible on the face of it but it could be misleading and spurious too.

I don’t know what your sources are, but I’m sure they all come from ISKCON Communications office.

My sources are very credible.
I am also very credible.
Welcome to the uncensored internet, where the truth can’t be hidden and the facts are published regardless of the crying whining idiots.

However, you seem to turn a blind eye towards a religious person’s right to get offended under Article 25 of the constitution and Section 295 (a) of the IPC.

I don’t think your constitution, articles and sections will be able to protect your rights here.
If I wasn’t so busy right now, I’d push a dozen articles detailing the nonsense going on in ISKCON right now.
But I have neither the interest nor the time to pursue such a useless endeavor.

Blasphemy is a criminal offense in India punishable either with imprisonment for a term that may extend to three years or with a fine or both.

Unfortunately, India doesn’t have that jurisdiction with the rest of the world.
Pretty soon, I may join Hanuman Das and host a similar website just to piss you off.

Btw, what’s the punishment for censoring the truth and suppressing obvious facts by a bunch of sudras in a gestapo movement?
I’ll be sure to look it up in my book of Canakya Niti.

I hope you will do a better research next time before putting forward arguments full of fallacies.

I hope you’re ready for disappointment.
‘Cause I’m just getting started.

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