LibreKrsnah Site Launch

I just launched the LibreKrsnah website.

For anyone wondering, no, it’s not like a real website, ’cause I don’t have money for that kind of stuff.

It’s just a free WordPress blog that I managed to get with some useful features.
Nothing too fancy.

Setting up my own site would require purchasing the domain, paying for a hosting provider, getting an SSL certificate and so on.
Sounds like a lot of work to me.

So there it is, a nice place where I can talk about all the stuff without cluttering everything up, which is kinda what this site has become.

I still enjoy posting here though.
I think a lot of privacy content would look look nice here. Just haven’t got around to doing it. Ugh! It’s been one year already! Jesus!
I think I am the king of procrastination. Which is why I never like to postpone stuff. If I think I’ll work on something on a specific date, then it’ll never get done.
The time is always NOW for me. Everything I need to do has to be taken care of right away!
Discipline has been the key to getting through this year.