Scientists, Researchers and their Stupid Studies

I’ve been seeing a bunch of annoying news headlines for several years now.
And since no one has said anything, I’m going to let ’em have it.


I’m going to set the records straight once and for all.

I just saw this article titled Scientists say net zero by 2050 is too late.

Okay. That’s it!
I’ve had enough of these crappy articles every other day abut some scientists spewing some crap about climate change.
I’m not denying climate change. Climate change is real, okay?

But who caused climate change?
Who are the number one contributors and enablers of global warming and climate change?
Is it the average guy walking down the street?
Is it the top 1% who frequently travel around in private jets?
Is it the rich owners of factories and industries?
Is it the guys working in those industries?

A bunch of scientists sat down and invented crappy hazardous things that are unsafe for human and animal life.
And then, another bunch of engineers came in and applied those inventions in factories and industries to create more crappy hazardous waste that is dangerous for the environment.

And this is how climate change occurred.
Don’t blame it on the rich 1%. They lack the intelligence to create anything detrimental to the environment. Their abilities are limited to counting money. That’s it! Hell, most of them can’t even count money. They’ve got accountants to do that for them. They only know how to con other people and trample the poor and squeeze the life out of them.

Climate change was caused by a bunch of scientists and their stupid inventions.
If you’re a scientist who invents something potentially dangerous, you should be held accountable for it’s misuse.
Guns, drugs, nuclear bombs, fireworks – it all comes down to science.

So I don’t want to see another article on climate change or global warming unless it begins with an apology letter from all scientists, living and dead, owning up to their mistake. The mistake of inventing something that had the potential to harm human life.

And that’s for the scientists.

Now for the researchers – what the hell are you researching?
What does research even mean? Searching for something that’s already exists?

I’ve had enough of these stupid studies from a bunch of mindless researchers making stupid claims.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has updated its guidance on face masks after more studies concluded how effective they are at protecting against the virus that causes COVID-19.
More studies? Who the fvck wasted their time on more studies?
Isn’t this common sense?

Weren’t there a bunch of “experts” who said masks do not protect against Covid-19 before the lockdowns began?
While the cops in Wuhan were handing out free masks using drones, some prick at the CDC said masks were not effective, and that only those working in healthcare with Covid-19 patients need wear masks.

After several weeks of preventing the public from buying masks, these jackasses changed their stance and said masks did work and were made mandatory, but it needed more “research”.

So they spent the rest of the year doing a pointless research and came to the same conclusion that a bunch of communist cops in China had made at the start of the pandemic.

If you’re a researcher working on a pointless study, do yourself a favor and quit your job.
The next researcher I encounter is going to get a kick in the nuts.
What do you do for a living?
“I’m a researcher studying-”

There was some speculation that Covid-19 was made in a lab in Wuhan.
Now I do know that scientists have contributed to bioweapons like anthrax.
Which begs the question – why?

I watched a documentary about scientists creating HIV and testing it on monkeys in Africa.
There was even an old building lying vacant where local residents say the virus was injected into monkeys.
Now, is this true? I don’t know.
Would scientists accept this fvckup even if it were true? Nope! Never!

So this is where all the money goes in the world of capitalism.
Some asshole scientist says he’s got an idea for ending humanity, and some billionaire will fund his project.

Now that the planet’s totally fvcked, scientists are calling up journalists and talking about global warming and climate change and goddamn asteroids hitting the planet.
Where’s the asteroid that was supposed to hit earth since January?
The next time some idiot scientist talks about asteroids, I’m going to throw a brick at him. Dodge that you stupid son of a bi…

You know what I think?
I think scientists have realized that they are essentially a bunch of useless idiots who are sucking up oxygen on this planet.
And to legitimize their existential crisis, they come out every two weeks with some stupid claims in a bid to remain relevant to the public.
Newsflash: We know you’re full of sh!t. So get the fvck out!

Remember back when there were 9 planets? Then there were eight? Pluto was a planet, but then it was not? I don’t know if it is a planet again. But goddamn! Why can’t scientists make a solid decision once and for all? Is it a planet or is it not?

Then there was this Darwin moron who looked like an inbred Christmas elf, saying humans evolved from monkeys.
But then some scientists disputed his claims and there were several documentaries of Darwin altering skulls to make the transition look possible.
I genuinely believe Darwin evolved from a monkey. There’s no doubt about that.
The rest of these scientists too seem to have evolved from monkeys. That would explain their monkey-like behavior, always doing stupid research and inventing dangerous things. Even monkeys have a sense of self-preservation. But scientists seem to have become so stupid, they’ll kill themselves in the process of developing one of their stuff one of these days.
And a good riddance it will be!

If I was a scientist and I knew one of my ideas would harm human beings, plants or animals, I’d never waste time working on it.
But that’s just me. I’m too smart to be a scientist.
These monkey evolutionaries on the other hand, spend all their lives developing dangerous things, and then call up journalists when things backfire several decades later. “Hurr durr climate change! weee global warming!”
You should’ve thought about that before you invented all this crap that pollutes the environment.

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