Time Magazine Sucks: TPOY Garbage

That’s it!
I’ve read enough nonsense this year.
It’s time to start writing articles.

Time magazine’s person of the year features and profiles a person, a group, an idea, or an object that “for better or for worse… has done the most to influence the events of the year”. Time also runs an annual reader’s poll that has no effect on the selection, which is made solely by the magazine’s editors.

And the Time Person of the Year 2020 is…
Joe Biden and Kamala Harris!


Who are the editors of Time Magazine?
I’m not going to name names but since it is publicly available information, I’m definitely going to link ’em up!
Dumbest idiots of the year 2020

Now the link above, has a list of names. And these people are the dumbest idiots of the year 2020.
Donald Trump is dumb.
People who don’t wear masks are dumb.
But this list of special folks up here – these are the dumbest idiots to ever climb the ladder of success.

This is why you shouldn’t let in idiots in places where intelligent decisions have to be made.

Donald Trump should never have been President.
And this list of idiots should never have been editors of any magazine.

Joe “Sniffing” Biden as the most influential person of the year 2020. ARE YOU F*CKIN KIDDIN’ ME?
And Kamala Harris – why is she person of the year? Because she’s the first Black, Asian and female VP in history of the US?
How is that influential? That’s an achievement. Not an influence.

The thing which has had the most influence this year, is Covid-19.
The idea which has had the most influence this year, is Black Lives Matter.

The object which has had the most influence over events this year, is DIZ NUTS.
Git yo ass outta here with that bullshiii..

Time Person of the Year 2020 Joe Biden my foot!
This old sniffing creep has been a running meme all over the internet. Has he influenced any events? Well, the Presidential election maybe. But that’s only one event towards the end of the year. Are Time magazine’s idiots going to ignore the entire year’s tragedies just for the end?

Masks and hand sanitizers have had more influence in 2020 than sniffing Joe’s entire career.
Karens and protestors have had more influence than sniffing Joe’s sniffing videos.
Xi Jinpeeing and his Chinese Virus have had more influence in 2020 than sniffing Joe.
Even my foot, which has been aching to stomp on somebody’s nuts all year long, has been more influential than sniffing Joe Biden!

Time magazine editors – you’re bunch of idiots!
Case closed.

Someone said it’s just a bunch of rich people sucking each other’s d*cks.
I couldn’t have phrased it more correctly.
This is just a corporation kissing up to the next President’s wrinkly stinky hairy butt so they can get invited to the next White House dinner.

Y’know, let’s forget all the healthcare workers who risked their lives during this ongoing pandemic. Forget the big brained scientists who stayed up long nights working on the Covid-19 vaccines.
Those are not the persons of the year. They’re fools. They’re humans who actually work to save lives.
Instead, let’s vote for an old creep who’s spent the last decade sniffing on women’s hair and won an election because everyone’s tired of Trump’s bullshiii.
And let’s bag him together with a mixed race woman so everyone can swallow our bullshiii nominations.
Nice try.