Covid-19 Originated From China

I’ve been reading several news articles where China and it’s Chinese scientists have been trying to pin the tail on the donkey.

China has a long history of propagating lies to keep everyone under their control.
They began their noble charity at home.
Once they had conquered their citizens, they went out for the rest of the world, starting with Hong Kong.

While the rest of the world, with it’s liberal and open minds may be fooled by China’s bullshit theories, I, on the other hand, will set the record straight.

I’ve noticed this tactic online of some idiots branding people racist and sinophobic as soon as they say something about China, irregardless of how true their statements are and how much evidence they have to back up their statements.

What’s going on with the rest of the world?
When did everyone equivocally decide that ignoring the facts about China was the best course of action?

Why are people ignoring the million of Uyghurs enslaved by China?
Why are people ignoring the numerous instances of Chinese companies planting tracking malware and gathering data on innocent users?
Why are people ignoring the numerous cases of whistleblowers disappearing in China?
Why are people ignoring the cases of Dr Li Wenliang, Dr Ai Fen, Chen Quishi, Fang Bin and many others?

First they said Covid-19 originated from the US, then they switched the blame to Italy, then India, and more recently, Australia.

Does this type of propaganda blame-game give you confidence in Chinese scientists and researchers?

Have people forgotten the clips of terror from China? Clips of wet markets with barbecued dogs, dogs in cages, chopped up pythons…?
Did people forget the clip of the Chinese men dumping a dog in boiling water and covering the lid?
What about the clip of the Chinese man frying a dog while it’s alive? Screaming and yelping in pain?
What about the video of the Chinese man hanging a dog from the tree and barbecuing it using a blowtorch?
And the video of that Chinese woman who seems annoyed with a dog, and so she calmly grabs a knife and walks over, holds the dog and chops his leg off?!

Such are the glories of China.
Your typical jackass labeling people racist without doing his research wouldn’t know that.
You need to go to China to experience real racism.
And I hope you aren’t Muslim or even worse, an Uyghur, because that’d seal your fate.

I have all these videos in my drive.
At some point, I had to stop watching because it was killing the humanity in me.

In the words of Donald Trump, Coronavirus comes from China.
The guy’s a moron but he got one fact straight.

You know I was reading this article earlier this year where the author said, China is capable of not only disappearing people, but erasing all evidence of their existence from history.
Sounds about right to me.
How many people still remember who Fang Bin is?
Anyone remember who Chen Quishi was?
I forgot he’d even existed until I looked up the names to write this article.

The year flew past us.
When the pandemic took over Italy, Iran, Spain, and then the US, the entire world’s attention was diverted to those countries.
And then the George Floyd incident happened. The next two months were only talks of protests and riots.
And of course the pandemic left skid marks in Ecuador, Argentina and Brazil.
Who would remember Chen Quishi by then?

Then it was just talks of lifting lockdowns, the race for the Covid-19 vaccine, and the US presidential election.
And just like that, the lives of people who fought for the truth to get out and the rest of the world to hear it, became irrelevant. Snap! snap! Just like that!

That’s the world we live in now.
The news that’s a big deal today is irrelevant tomorrow. Because there’s so much happening every single day. Nobody has time to reflect on things that actually matter.

The lives of the Uyghurs was a big deal three or four years ago.
That’s when the news was brand new and nobody could even comprehend that such an inhumane act could occur in this century.
Who cares about the Uyghurs now?
How many world leaders or governments have acted on this information? How much progress have they made to rescue the Uyghurs held in China’s concentration camps?

I’m going to end this with two words: FUCK CHINA.

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