No Free Speech In India

I’d bookmarked one article on HN that sparked my interest a few weeks ago.

Indian newspaper reporter burned alive after exposing corruption.
Let me see – where was this? A village in India’s Uttar Pradesh – Balrampur, 160km from Lucknow.

Why? Because he covered alleged local corruption and after telling the local authorities he was being threatened.

“This is the price for reporting the truth,” 37 year old Rakesh Singh Nirbhik, said on his death bed.
His friend Pintu Sahu was also burned alive.

The attackers included the son of the village chief, Sushila Devi, who was running for reelection.

And that’s just one of the dozens of similar cases this year.
More information on Reporters Without Borders.

I don’t even wish to go into the deep dark hole of journalists being assassinated in India for exposing government officials for engaging in criminal activity.
But that’s the state of India in 2020 – don’t talk about the authorities dirty crimes or you might be burned alive or shot dead or chained to a motorcycle and dragged to death.

See why I’ve doubted India’s Covid-19 stats all along?
You can’t trust these folks.