Covid-19: China Blocks Investigation

Well well well!
A few weeks ago, I watched a clip on Liveleak that showed Chinese officials blocking the road that led to the entry of some caves that supposedly held some clues to origin of the CHINESE VIRUS.

That’s one for Xi Jinping’s nuts.

I just read an article from Al Jazeera about China’s stubborn refusal to let WHO expert teams investigate the origins of the Chinese virus.

Meanwhile the Chinese crooks have propagated multiple lies about the origins of the Chinese virus; claiming it originated in the US, Italy, Australia and so on.

It’s 2021. It’s been an entire year since the Chinese virus destroyed millions of lives. Yet the WHO still hasn’t been able to clamp down on the source of the Chinese virus.

The article mentioned bureaucracy and I wanna say that bureaucracy and censorship go hand in hand. Bureaucracy and oppression go hand in hand. Bureaucracy and corruption go hand in hand. Bureaucracy is a codeword for “fvkcing wit people”.

Why is China blocking investigations into the origin of the Chinese virus?
Why are Chinese officials harassing and intimidating journalists and reporters?
What is China hiding from the rest of the world?

The truth will come out. Even if it takes a decade, you know someone somewhere will find out the secrets of the Chinese virus and leak that information.
Until then, I’ll be stomping on Xi Jinping’s wrinkled nuts.

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