Capitol Hill Riots: Analyzing The Double Standards

Recently, there were riots at the Capitol Hill. A lot of things happened. I’m sure everyone’s aware of the details.

Now, I wasn’t interested in the Capitol Hill riots. Y’know why? Because I knew it wouldn’t end well.

Before I lay out my thoughts on the event, I’d like to plug in an article I wrote back in May last year.

Everything I wrote back then still applies today.
What’s the purpose of storming the Capitol Hill?
What good could it possibly achieve?
Did the Trump supporters think it through?
Or did they just rush in on command of their idol?

Here’s what Donald Trump tweeted:

“Big protest in D.C. on January 6th. Be there, be wild!”

What did this man think would happen?
Would it magically win him an election he’d already lost?

I’m not a Trump supporter.
And I’m definitely not a supporter of Joe sniffing Biden.
I’m not a republican or a democrat.
I’m an anarchist.

A woman was killed at the Capitol Hill riots.
A veteran.
Who shot Ashli Babbitt?
It was a Capitol Police officer.

If you’ve read my previous article linked above, the comment below mentions a BLM protestor shooting another protestor and killing her.
I remember watching a video of a black cop who was injured and left to die on the street by BLM/Antifa protestors.
I remember watching a video of black store owners who’s property had been vandalized and destroyed by BLM/Antifa protestors.

And now this.
A cop shooting a veteran.

Now, there’s a lot of news articles condemning the Capitol Hill riots and yesterday I even saw an FBI tips link on Lemmy.

All of a sudden, the democrats and left wing Biden supporters are mad that the riots took place.
But they weren’t mad when the riots took place last year?
So what is it.. is it like if I protest and burn down buildings I’m right, but if you protest and storm buildings, you’re wrong?

Now, I distinctly remember dozens of police cars being set on fire and even police buildings set on fire by the BLM/Antifa protestors back in May last year.
Where were the articles condemning the riots back then?
Where were the FBI tips links back then?
Where were the advocates for preserving government property and federal property and all that stuff?
Where were they?

Y’know the government has a lot of money. It can repair the broken windows and damaged doors and repaint the building in no time.

Back in May 2020, the BLM/Antifa were destroying regular citizens’ properties. They were looting stores and burning them down and burning cars.
How long was it going to a take a regular citizen to rebuild his shop in the middle of a pandemic?
Did the BLM/Antifa even think about that?

I remember watching videos of people putting up “Black Lives Matter!” and “Justice for Floyd!” signs in their stores just in the hope that their store wouldn’t be looted and destroyed. That was the amount of fear they had.
I remember watching a video of some guy filming the BLM protestors from his apartment, cheering them on, and some protestor threw a rock and smashed his window!
Talk about irony here!
Then this dude cried out, “Hey! I’m with you guys! Come on! I support you!” or something along those lines.

Hey, you go on Liveleak and you’ll find all sorts of videos on there. That’s the best place to get first hand information and details on everything.

I’d rather see what’s happening myself and make my own judgement instead of relying on the mainstream media bias.

4 people died in the Capitol Hill riots.
And for what? To support a millionaire who didn’t keep his promises?
To reelect a lying scumbag?
Where is the wall that Trump promised the Americans?
How many years has crooked Hillary spent in prison?
I don’t care who’s right and who’s wrong.
But if you say you’re going to do something, DO IT!
A man is as good as his word. And Donald Trump’s word is like a pile of horse shit.
So fvkc Donald Trump, let the Americans have a new liar in office.

That’s my take on the entire incident.
People are wasting their time, energy and resources on a bunch of useless politicians.
Instead of going out there to die for some crooked corrupt politician, how about spending your time doing something more productive and fulfilling?
I’m not a porn advocate or anything but at this point, sitting in your room and jerking off is more productive than engaging in stupid riots that may get you killed.
So how about that?

Anyway, so that’s the start of 2021.
I guess that’s a good indicator on how the rest of the year will go.
More protests, more riots, more deaths, and wait, what’s the current stats on Covid-19?
307K new cases 2 days ago, 249K cases yesterday. America is on a roll baybay! Let’s gooooo!