Dear Republicunts: Sniffing Joe Is Your New President – Deal With It!

This has got to stop.
When Trump won in 2016, the democunts went on a 4-year-long series of useless investigations and cries of impeachment.
Nothing came out of it.
It was an absolute waste of fucking time.

I remember seeing the MAGA nerds laughing and mocking the whining democrats for 4 years.
And I thought, okay! Perhaps these are the smart guys. Perhaps they are the tough guys.

4 years later, Sniffin’ Joe won and the tables have turned.
Now it’s the MAGA nerds crying and whining and bitching and moaning about rigged elections.
They’ve latched onto this QAnon crap like a bunch of hungry babies.
Who the fuck is QAnon?
You had 4 years to plan for your next President and whom did you choose? An orangutan that makes a 10 year old look like a genius.
Get over it!
That first win was a fluke. It wasn’t going to happen every time.

I’m seeing news articles showing people on Twitter talking about instating Trump on March 3rd.
That’s a bunch of bullshit.
Nothing’s happening on March 3rd, 4th, 5th or any other day. Except riots and protests from the Trumptards.

I can’t believe this is the start of another 4 years of the same bullshit all over again, in reverse.

Now I’m not a man of politics but I had to get this out there in advance.
Stop wasting your time holding rallies and riots and protests. You lost! Get over it.
If you’re gonna spend all your time crying about it, it’s no wonder that Americans can’t get anything done EVER.
Meanwhile in the East, China’s taking hold of the reigns and pulling the rest of the world under it like it’s bitches.
Get yo shit together real fast.
Y’know with the pandemic and sniffin’ old Joe’s leadership, this might mark the end of America’s global rule.
When China takes over, you’ll be no better than any third world shithole country.

Every time there’s a political fiasco or shooting or riot in the US, the rest of the world smirks and inches closer.
It’s only a matter of time before they catch up with ya’ll. Because while you were out on the streets holding signs and screeching like a monkey for a man who couldn’t give a damn, the rest of the world was making some actual progress.
This is common sense.
The US isn’t the most coveted country in the world anymore. It’s more like a circus show, a laughing stock of the world and a total fucking embarrassment to humanity.
Here’s a prediction for this decade: The US will become like India – a shitshow in the literal sense. Ever met the Indians who refuse to identify as such on the internet? That’s going to be you pretty soon. At some point, you’ll rather call yourself Canadians or maybe even identify as a South African boer than be associated with the US. That’s where America is headed right now. And there’s no signs of slowing down.