Analyzing The Internet Shutdown In Uganda

Recently there was an internet shutdown in Uganda during the elections.
It was a classic tactic to win yet another election by Museveni.

It’s 2021.
Why do internet shutdowns influenced by dictators still exist?

Did you know that people in Uganda must pay a tax in order to access social networks?
That’s right, ladies and gentlemen.
They’ve been paying social media taxes since 2018.
The OTT tax was put in place to tackle olugambo. That’s their excuse for censoring free speech.
Yoweri Museveni does not like people who gossip on social media. And in a bid to silence them, he decided they must pay taxes to use it.

In order to ensure that all social media users pay their taxes, the government has to monitor their internet.
How else would they know if someone’s evading their OTT tax?
And if they can monitor whether someone’s evading their tax, it’s quite obvious that they can monitor that person’s social media accounts as well.
And if people said something that Museveni didn’t like, that’d be the end of them.

Monitoring internet connections for any purpose is never a good idea. It’s a deep dark bottomless pit.

So you can easily understand how dangerous it is to be an activist in Uganda.

Hujambo Museveni!
Uhali gani?
Uko mzima?
Mbona unawasumbua wananchi?
Umeezeeka, sasa ni wakati wakuacha kiti ya rais.
Unaelewa kiingereza?

Museveni is a goddamn dictator.
You hear that, Museveni?
You’re a goddamn bald headed dictator!

And now Museveni wants to block all VPN connections and arrest all VPN users.

This is the current state of internet freedom in Africa.

You know this is a big deal because every third world shithole country is gearing up to become like North Korea or worse!

Uganda blocked porn websites in 2018.
Did you know that? You can’t access xhamster, pornhub or xvideos.
Now personally I don’t advocate watching porn BUT IN THE INTEREST OF FREE SPEECH, I wouldn’t recommend censoring porn sites either.
A lot of countries have blocked porn, especially in the East.

This is terrible terrible news.
This morning I read that Iran had blocked Signal.

With each passing day, our freedoms are slowly being taken away. Most of us hardly notice it until it’s too late.
Where’s the free open internet that existed in the 90’s?