Pedophilia And India’s Broken Legal System

I was scrolling through 9gag and I saw this post:

Holding Girl’s Hands, Opening Pant Zip Not Sex Assault: Bombay High Court

Excuse me?!

So I did a quick search and it’s true.

The Nagpur bench of the Bombay High Court has ruled that holding the hands of a minor girl and opening the zip of pants does not fall under the purview of ‘sexual assault’ or ‘aggravated sexual assault’ of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act.

Why would anyone in their right minds hold a minor’s hand and unzip their pants?
Who in the hell does that?
I’ll tell you who! Pedophiles!

You don’t hold a kid’s hand and hen unzip your pants. That sends a terrible signal to an observer.

Whatchu tryin’ to do?
Got an itch in yo balls?
Get the hell out of there and go scratch yo hairy balls somewhere else! You don’t unzip yo’ pants in front of a kid!

On February 12, 2018, the mother of the minor lodged a report that the day before had she noticed Libnus Kujur, a labourer in her house, molesting her five-year-old.

What the fuck kinda name is Libnus?
That’s a terrible name!
It’s a red flag from the start!

The minor later told her mother that he removed his penis from the pant and asked her to come to bed for sleeping. The mother had also observed Kujur’s pant zip to be open.

We all know what was going to happen next.

In her judgement, Justice Ganediwala noted that while the prosecution has established that the accused entered the house of the girl with an intention to outrage her modesty or sexually harass her, it has not been able to prove the charge of ‘sexual assault’ or ‘aggravated sexual assault’.

The high court noted that the definition of “sexual assault” under the POCSO Act says that there has to be “physical contact with sexual intent without penetration”.

“The acts of ‘holding the hands of the prosecutrix (victim)’, or ‘opened zip of the pant’ as has been allegedly witnessed by the prosecution witness (mother of the girl), in the opinion of this court, does not fit in the definition of ‘sexual assault’,” Justice Ganediwala said.

The physical contact was made when the man held the kid’s hand while simultaneously pulling out his dick with the other.

Waaaaait a minute!
I’m going to have a look into this judge.
Justice Pushpa Ganediwala – that’s a woman right there! A woman who doesn’t understand that when a 50 year old man with a name like Libnus Kujur pulls out his dick while holding a 5 year old girl’s hand, it’s the preview of a horrible tragedy.
Such situations end with the word RAPE – something Indians are famous for.

How old is this Justice Pushpa?
Lemme check.

Born on 11 March 1969 (age 51).
Lubnis here is 50 years old. And she is 51.
What’s going on ‘ere?

’69 is never a good year to be associated with this kind of situation.
Is Justice Pushpa single? Is she married?
Does she have kids?

How would Pushpa feel if Mr Lubnis here – is it Lubnis? Libnus? WHATEVER! I don’t give a fuck what this shithead’s name is – how would she had a 5 year old daughter, and Mr Lubnis here, held her hand and pulled his dick out?

Is she an Aries?
11th March. Lemme see.
She’s a Pisces.
This is the 2nd terrible Pisces Indian woman I’ve seen. Just going to make a mental note of that. Unrelated.

I just went and looked her up online. Doesn’t seem to have many pictures out there. But from the few I’ve seen, I don’t think she has kids.
A quick search doesn’t reveal any social media accounts.
Does she lurk under pseudonymous accounts?

Here’s something else I found:

She made the observation in connection with a case from 2016, where a 39-year-old man was accused of allegedly groping the breasts of a 12-year-old while trying to undo her salwar.

What’s going on with Judge Pushpa?
Or should I just stick to Pushpa?
Hey Pushpa!
Wassup with Pushpa?
Does she have a thing for pedophiles?
I wanna know what happens when she frees these men. Does she go on a date with them?
I’m just curious. From what I’ve read, she doesn’t seem to have a sound ruling when it comes to filthy men assaulting kids.
And that really makes me question her morals.

If this is the kind of legal system India has, it’s no wonder that women and children are getting assaulted everyday.

Anyway, there’s the story.
I just wanted to give my thoughts on that.
I’ve got a bunch of pending articles and there’s an even worse article that I needed to write, so this couldn’t wait.