2021: A Major Overhaul

Okay folks!
It’s Monday, the 1st of February 2021.

I had a pretty bad start this year.
And I tried not to lose hope but things kept getting worse. And I just gave up on January.
It just ruined the entire month for me, no matter how well things went after that.

I wanted to make some changes. Something significant that would alter the course of the year and hopefully achieve some proper goals.
Last year I had a pretty good start, until the pandemic fell upon us, of course.
2019 wasn’t a very good start. But things kept progressively getting better until it reached a grande finale.

I think the course of this year will decide whether it’s generally advisable to have a good start of the year, for things to pan out well, or if a terrible start gives more hope for something better to come.

So I took a break on 7th Jan.
I figured there was no point in continuing with my schedule unless things changed.
I stopped posting on my daily journal, which btw, completed an entire year of daily notes. That was pretty nice. Finally I could look at each day of an entire year of my life and relive the moments; that is, if there were any. And because China caused the pandemic, my journal looks like the notes of some guy hiding in a bunker during WWII.

I took a break from IRC and missed a bunch of sessions.
And I went out there and got some things fixed.

So what changes did I make?
A lot of changes.
Going in, I knew I had to take a break, figure things out and curve out a new path for myself.

I don’t think anybody on the internet would notice though.
But again, that’s the beauty of the internet, ain’t it?
You never know what’s goin’ on in somebody’s life unless they tell you.
And I’m a privacy-oriented person. Not a privacy freak in any case. Not totally paranoid either.
But a little paranoia is necessary to maintain some privacy.

I don’t think anyone would notice anything different unless I told explicitly mentioned it to them.

I’ve tweaked my schedule now.
I had to adjust things to fit to my new timings.

I think I’m going to put a lot more focus on pushing out articles this year. Not just covering the pandemic, which, let’s face it, is old news now, but issues that I actually care about.
As an activist I feel like there are many topics that I haven’t covered mainly because the moment I started discussing them, it’d get personal and I’d get really angry and go on a full-on rant about what’s wrong with the world today.
But I think that’s the kind of journalism the world deserves in this day and age.
I don’t wanna stay on neutral grounds all the time when there’s fucked up shit going on around the world.
That’s another thing – previously I tried to censor myself as much as possible. I didn’t cuss, I didn’t blow my head off like Alex Jones.
Now I’m no Alex Jones. I’m no fan of his and I don’t watch his videos. But from what I’ve seen in the past, the man has shown some genuine concern and expessed his real feelings online. He may be a nutjob, but he’s an uncensored nutjob.
I’ve seen a lot of news journalists do something similar but instead of doing it upfront like real men and women, they hide behind the lingustic gymnastics and diplomacy to try and steer the audience toward a certain direction.
I think it’s manipulative because the news reporters don’t tell you their feelings directly, rather, they use flowery language that would make you feel the same way as they do.
They try to influence the way the public thinks and feels about certain issues, while pretending to be unbiased and neutral. We all know they ain’t neutral. So why all the pretentious bullshit?
Let’s not pretend anymore and express our true feelings and opinions on every subject.
That’s my goal this year.

So no more censorship; the F-bomb will be dropped wherever it’s deserved.
And if people deserve it, I’m gonna discuss all the reasons their birth in this world was a mistake, thereby inevitebly leading to me cussing out their mommas and grandmommas, who refused to swallow when it was needed the most.

I got a new laptop.
Matter of fact, I’m typing from it right now. More on that later.

I couldn’t get a new camera. Ran out of money.
If anyone wants to buy me a new camera, that’d be great. Though the chances of that happening are zero, considering how long I waited for a new laptop but to no avail.
Regardless, I’m planning to drop a few videos on certain parts of the inernet, so stay tuned for those.

What else is new?
I’ve resumed my regular DJ schedule.
I intend to spend a lot more time fine tuning some of my sessions this year.
So it’s going to be a great year for music.
Tune into tilderadio for that.

I was thinking of making more use of the Fediverse.
I think I wasn’t on it much of last year because I just don’t have a use-case for it.
I’m just not the Twitter or Facebook guy. I never found any use for those platforms, and now that there’s FOSS alternatives, while it’s nice to have them, I still couldn’t put ’em to good use.
So hopping on Mastodon everyday typing irrelevant thoughts isn’t my thing.
Blogging on the other hand, is my kinda thing ’cause I can hop on and let loose on a specific subject. And by the time my article’s finished, I’m done with the entire issue, with nothing left to say or discuss or debate on. I like that.

We’ll see.
It’s time for action.