Teenage Rapists: The New Menace To Society

Now I’ve discussed the rape problem in India in some articles. In fact, there’s an article that I just couldn’t get myself to write yet because of the gory details.

Every time I read a news article about some poor woman being raped, it makes my blood boil.

In contrast to all my previous articles though, this one’s a trendsetter for the USA.
I believe that this will be one of the numerous stories that I will be covering in the future.
Why? Because I study society. I study people. I study trends. I study cause and effect. I know when shit is about to hit the fan.

Two Milwaukee teenagers beat a defenseless, homeless Hmong woman with tree branches, gang raped, stomped, body slammed, and kicked her, and filmed themselves laughing while they did it all, a newly filed criminal complaint states. They are accused of raping the woman with such brutality that a sexual assault nurse told police she had never seen an injury so bad.

All of this happened as other “kids” stood around watching, according to the complaint. The victim, Ee Lee, an apparent stranger to the teenagers who happened upon her sitting on a blanket in Washington Park, later died from severe head wounds. The complaint charges Kamare R. Lewis, 17, and Kevin T. Spencer Jr., 15, as adults.

Now I’ve been very clear about the Indian rapists in my other articles.
I want to be explicitly clear in this one.

The victim is an Asian woman.
The rapists are black men.

I’m quite surprised to see many articles mention the victim was a Hmong Asian woman. But none of them stated that the rapists were black teenagers.
If you’re gonna identify the victim, you should identify the rapists, shouldn’t you? SHOULDN’T YOU?

This is the democratic liberal bullshit that I often see in America. If a white man does something wrong, he’ll be identified as a racist nazi. If a black man does something wrong, everyone will try to find an excuse for them and try to make ’em look like the victims!
Have you seen this shit?

Normally when I’m looking for a particular story, I’ll see all the mainstream media linked on the first page of the search engine.

I haven’t seen a CNN or BBC news article on this case.
I haven’t seen any article on the Daily Mail covering this story.
What the hell is going on?

36 years old. Ee Lee was 36 years old.
Minding her own business.
Then these two rapist teenagers come along with their friends, and they commit the worst crimes in history.

Do you know what Ee Lee went through?

1. Anoxic brain injury (brain starved of oxygen)
2. Duret hemorrhage pons (bleeding mid-brain)
3. Left and right subdural hematomas (bleeding that occurs within the skull of head but outside the actual brain tissue)
4. Subgaleal hemorrhage (bleeding in the potential space between the skull and the scalp)
5. Cerebral contusions to frontal lobes (a form of traumatic brain injury consisting of bruising of the brain tissue)
6. Hemorrhage to temporalis muscle (bleeding to temple muscles)
7. Contusions to face (bruises) and abrasions (scratches) to the face
8. Contusions (bruises) to left ear and neck
9. Contusions (bruises) to lips
10. Fractured hyoid bone (hyoid bone is a small U-shaped mobile bone oriented in the horizontal plane just above to the larynx in the neck).
11. Blunt force injuries to her torso including a fractured left clavicle (broken collar bone)
12. Abrasions to her back and contusions to her buttocks.
13. Contusions to her upper and lower extremities including contusions to her forearms and her dorsal hands (back of her hands)

Rapist Criminal Lewis admitted that he himself did slap at the victim while she was performing oral sex on him because she was not doing it right and he could feel her teeth on his penis. He confirmed that fellow rapist criminal Kevin Spencer “fucked” the victim from behind while the victim was performing oral sex on him (Lewis) and that Spencer and others then beat the victim, EL.

Rapist Criminal Lewis suggested that fellow rapist criminal Spencer was the most aggressive individual and that fellow rapist criminal Spencer beat the victim, EL, more brutally as more people gathered. Rapist Criminal Lewis stated that he believed fellow rapist criminal Spencer “broke her (EL’s) jaw” causing her to “lose her breathe.” He stated that fellow rapist criminal Spencer at one point struck the victim so hard that he fell to the ground with the victim by the force of the blow he dealt. Rapist Criminal Lewis stated that during the course of the beating the victim was being “slapped, stomped and body slammed”

Rapist Criminal Lewis stated that when they were done with her, the victim, EL, was struggling to breathe and gurgling and that she appeared to him to have a broken jaw. He stated that at his suggestion they then dragged the victim, EL, who by his own account was gurgling and unable to breathe, to the water and dumped her there in an effort to cover up the crime and possibly destroy evidence.

Here’s the details of the two rapist criminals:



Here’s something I saw on one news article:

She also said it looked like a “lot of little kids (were) standing around” during the attack.

Little kids?
15 year old rapist criminal isn’t a little kid.
Let me tell you what this “little kid” did.

“During the examination numerous injuries consistent with sexual assault were noted,” the complaint says. These were in addition to the “many inquiries EL sustained from having been severely beaten.”

She had a laceration and contusion to her private parts so significant that the laceration was “a type of injury not often observed during the course of her many years.”

Now does this sound like something a “little kid” would do?
Or does it sound like something a monster rapist freak would do?

Some news articles mention that there were 11 “kids” involved in this criminal act.

However, since only 2 have been charged, the other 9 are probably roaming on the streets, looking for their next victim. Beware!
And I’m not a foreseer or anything, but I’ll go out on a limb here and say all 11 of these “kids” were black.
And I’m pointing out this specific detail, not because I’m racist, but because every news article that I’ve read fails to mention this fact. But they didn’t fail to mention the victim’s race. Oh no! They identified her as a Hmong Asian woman, then left the readers wondering about the race of the CRIMINAL RAPISTS.

This isn’t about race. Rape is rape, and every rapist must be shot dead on the spot. That’s called justice.
But since American news media are trying so hard to be hypocrites, I’m calling them out on it.

A 15 year old piece of shit rapes and murders a woman. How did this happen?
What’s going on in the background?
Who are this rapist criminal kid’s parents? Can we have their names please? Perhaps we could ask them why they had procreated in the first place. Perhaps, we could arrest them and beat the shit out of them for raising a bunch of CRIMINAL RAPIST teenagers.

15 years old!
I’m shocked.
When I was 15 years old, I wouldn’t dare hold a girl’s hand without permission.
And now I see this – this is what 15 year olds are capable of doing nowadays!

Video footage recorded some of the teenagers say among many other things, “I love r*ping ch*nk b**ches.”

Well that sure does sound like racism to me. That too, coming from a rapist black criminal. So was this a racist hate crime that Americans wanted to bury under the rug?

Nobody’s talking about this. I’m looking at social media. Very few mentions. Everyone’s silent. America has gone to sleep. Why?

Here’s a scenario for you:
Think about two 15 and 17 year old white boys raping and murdering a 36 year old black woman. What do you think would happen?
I’m not insinuating anything. Think about it. And tell me what would happen!

If your answer is that America would erupt in flames, Black Lives Matter would be back on the streets, protesting and rioting, looting and killing, then you’re absolutely, 100% correct.

But this is an Asian woman – my guess is, she’s Chinese.
There have been no protests. This crime occurred in September 2020. It’s the last week of February 2021, and not a single whiff from CNN, BBC and the likes.

Here’s something from the Milwaukee journal sentinel

Lewis, who was in court via video for a preliminary hearing Friday, pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Can you believe the audacity of this ugly rapist gorilla? He first confessed, and then said not guilty!

One of Spencer’s attorneys, Jeffrey Jensen, signaled that he likely will ask the court to move Spencer’s case to juvenile court.

Jeffrey Jensen, stop protecting that ugly rapist gorilla. His abominable crimes have been noted, and he is not worthy of living on this planet.

Now the complaint report lists several other criminals who confessed the gory details of the crime to the law enforcement.
Now these criminals either assisted in the brutal assault or participated as active witnesses to the crime.
These “kids” just stood by and watched a helpless woman get kicked around and raped.

Are these “kids” the future of America?
I don’t think so.
If they don’t have a conscience at that age, I doubt they’ll make good citizens.
These witnesses should, at the very least, be put in juvenile centers so they can learn a thing or two about humanity, and compassion, and, if they don’t already know, the meaning of aiding and abetting to a violent crime.
When you just stand around, cheering, watching a poor helpless woman get beaten and raped, you are no less than a criminal.

Americans need to get shit straight.
Here’s a slogan for your next protests: Asian Lives Matter – Stop Black Crime!
I bet that’s very controversial huh? Well that’s exactly how the others felt when ya’ll was chanting “Black Lives Matter – All Cops Are Bastards!” and “No Justice – No Peace!” all whilst burning down buildings and stealing and stomping on cop cars for several weeks.

I remember seeing one poster that said “White Privilege Is Real. White Fragility Is Real. RACISM IS REAL.”

Well, since we are all being honest, here’s an honest slogan for your next protest: “Black Crime Is Real. JUSTICE FOR EE LEE!”