Laptop Standards: CPU

In the previous article, I rambled about displays and GPUs.

I’d like to talk about CPUs briefly.

If you’re getting a new laptop, go for a hexa core or octa core.

The current standard on laptops is quad core. Most of the laptops you’ll see around have a minimum of 4 cores.
But this bar has already been raised.
By the end of this year, 6 cores and 8 cores will be the new baseline.

If you’re making a purchase decision in 2021, let 6 cores be your baseline, if you want to be future-proof.

Dual cores are dead and gone.
If your laptop has a dual core, you’re living in the past.

Quad core is being phased out by 6 core and 8 core chips.
Every new laptop will now have 6 cores or 8 cores.

Hyper-Threading is a thing.
It was a thing when I got my first laptop, and it’s still thing today.
Always select a CPU that supports hyper-threading. So a 6 core processor will have 12 threads and an 8 core will have 16.
It’s better and faster than a 6 core with 6 threads or an 8 core with 8 threads.

Always choose a higher TDP. It means you’ll have more power to run your chips at higher clock speeds.
15W TDP is a damn shame. Always go for a 35W or 45W CPU.
Now all this info is only for CPUs that were made in the past 4 years or so.
And I’m making recommendations based on AMD’s site, because it’s simple and they make good valued CPUs.

When I looked at Intel’s website, I was bewildered by the sheer number of processors they had. It left me confused and thought about seppuku.
When it comes to Intel, you never really know which processor is the best because there is no simply and easy way to find out.
And I guess this has been Intel’s way of conning people and robbing them of their money.

If you’re getting a laptop with a CPU only, then one fan will suffice.
But if you’re getting a laptop with a dedicate GPU, you’ll need at least two fans to provide an optimal cooling solution.

Most laptops with dedicated GPUs now have 2 cooling fans, while some new ones have 3.
If your laptop has only one fan with one or two cooling pipes, chances are, it’ll overheat and you’ll experience thermal throttling.

Intel’s chips are said to run hotter than AMD’s. So unless you live in Siberia, you might wanna go with AMD.