Laptop Standards: Display

One point that may have missed some clarification in my previous article was why I wanted a laptop with a dedicated graphics card.
I’m not a gamer. Never was, never will be.
I occasionally played some games in the past. But that was for a limited time period.

Now when I was a teenager, I would’ve definitely become a gaming nerd. I enjoyed playing games back then.
But gaming laptops didn’t exist back then. Not that I know of anyway.

But I’m looking at the future. I watch a lot of videos. My netbook couldn’t handle a 720p 60fps YouTube video. The best it could do was 720p.
The current standard is 1080p. I’ve come across channels with 1080p 60fps videos. So that’s going to be he new norm by the end of this year. All 30fps videos will be retired soon.

The current max resolution is 8K.
There are some 8K 60fps videos on YouTube.

So refresh rate is a thing now. Or has been for the past few years.
And it’s going to increase with the new screens coming into the market right now.

If I may make a prediction, then I’d say that 1440p screens with either 120Hz or 144Hz are going to be the next generation of displays everywhere.
That’s going to be the new baseline. And so that’s going to be the new standard for videos and movies everywhere.

What’s the next highest video resolution on YouTube going to be? I think 8K is enough for everyone. Recently, Samsung went back to 1080p screens on their phones. So we are not going to see higher resolutions in tech for a really long time. What we might see, are higher refresh rates and higher fps standards.

I’m quite surprised to see 1080p screens on modern laptops these days. It almost feels like manufacturers are squeezing out the last couple of crappy screens before everyone adopts 1440p as the new baseline.
Many laptops have 4K display options these days. But who needs 4K? Only the gaming nerds and professionals.
So 1440p is the sweet spot at this moment.
If you have a 1440p screen, you’re good for the rest of the decade.

Unfortunately, I haven’t seen many laptops with 1440p screens. Most companies offer either 1080p with higher refresh rates or 4K panels.
It’s weird. I’m not sure what they’re thinking.
I did a quick search on Amazon and most laptops with 1440p panels cost more than one grand with the specs that I would typically go for.

One weird phenomenon I’ve noticed recently is laptop manufacturers offering displays with weird refresh rates. e.g. 1080p 300Hz, 1440p 165Hz, 1080p 244Hz etc
What the fuck is this shit?
Anyone remember the good old days when everyone has 720p or 1080p displays with 60Hz screens?
Why can’t we have a standard set of refresh rates instead of everyone tweaking their numbers like a bunch of RETARDS.
I said it!
I said it!

You want facts – you come here. I ain’t got no baby gloves. This is the bare knuckles arena!

I was going to make this article about my options. But since I’ve gone on and on about displays and resolutions, I’ll make that a separate article.

This article however, has given me a new idea. So I’ll work on it first!

Now, back to the my point about the dedicated graphics card – why would I want it?
Since my netbook couldn’t handle a 720p 60fps YouTube video, I was thinking, what if there are higher resolutions and speeds in the future?
Let’s say 8K 144fps or 8K 240fps. Would there be such standards in the future? Maybe, maybe not.
So my question was, would the integrated GPUs that ship with all laptops be able to handle all those resolutions and speeds? Or would they crap out like the Intel Integrated HD Graphics in my Celeron N2830 did when I tried to play a 720p 60fps YouTube video?

Now if the laptop had a dedicated GPU, I’m sure it could handle the higher resolutions with higher fps without the spinning circles thing on YouTube.

The idea here is to be able to meet all these standards, if I could.
It’s like buying a house. Suppose you were looking for a house, wouldn’t you prefer one with a fenced perimeter and a backyard and front garden and a garage if it was available? Hell, you don’t have to own a damn car when buying that house. But in the future, y’know…
You don’t need the damn garage or backyard or garden out front. But you’ll prefer it if it’s available. Why? ‘Cause y’never know.

That’s my line of thinking with dedicated GPUs. It’s an option. One that I’d very much rather have because it’s the next big thing.
Just like a garage is the next big thing when buying a house, ’cause you might own a vehicle one day.

There’s a lot of GPU intensive applications in the world right now. GPUs aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. If you don’t have a dedicated GPU, your CPU will start smoking with the crappy integrated one.

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