Purchasing A Laptop: Considering The Options

In the previous post I’d talked about what kind of laptop I wanted, and my checklist.

Today I’ll discuss some of the options I’d reviewed, what I liked about them, and what I disliked.

Now I’d done some extensive research on laptops everywhere.
An interesting phenomenon I observed was that some laptops were cheaper in some countries and quite expensive in others.

For example, a laptop that cost $810 in Asia cost $1130 somewhere in Europe.

Another peculiar phenomenon is that some laptop models that were the best sellers in Asia, didn’t exist in Europe!

I wanted a laptop that was internationally known. If I wanted replacement parts or an upgrade, I didn’t want to hassle for them. That could be the case if you bought a piece of crap like Asus Vivobook.

Some of the laptops in this list merely exist for me to bash and pound on ’em. They’re no good. I wouldn’t recommend ’em to anyone, an fuck the companies that manufactured ’em, eh?

But all of them had to qualify to get on this list – and that’s by the specs. If it looks good on paper, maybe I’ll take it into consideration, eh?

1. Lenovo IdeaPad L340

This is by far, the most famous laptop in terms of performance:price ratio.

It has a big battery, which is always nice to have, even if it can only power the laptop for 3 hours.

It only has 1 upgradable RAM slot.

Storage is good with one m.2 slot and a SATA drive bay.

2. Lenovo Ideapad Gaming 3

This laptop is almost identical to the L340. Except, it has two upgradable RAM slots and 3 storage slots.
Two m.2 slots and one SATA drive bay. You can only use two at a time, since one of the m.2 slots shares the same space with the SATA drive bay.

3. Dell G3

This laptop has cooling fans on opposite ends, which is always more efficient than two fans stacked on the same side.

It has 2 upgradable RAM slots.

2 storage options: one m.2 slot and a SATA drive bay.

4. HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop 15

This laptop’s motherboard is so huge, yet the battery is small.

HP Pavilion has always had a quirky design.

This one’s fans are paired at the centre.
A big ass HDD is right next to ’em.

Two upgradable RAM slots.
One m.2 slot next to them.

It’s alright if you’re a HP fanboy. The hinges look weird. I bet they have the same issue as my first HP Pavilion laptop.

5. Asus TUF Gaming

Now ASUS has so many TUF gaming laptops that have identical specs at different prices, that it’s getting ridiculous.

The fans are on the opposite ends, which is good.

It has two upgradable RAM slots, one SATA drive bay and one m.2 slot.

The battery is small, similar to the HP Pavilion one.

6. Acer Nitro 5

These laptops are identical to ASUS TUF series. There’s too many damn laptops and all of them have some difference in specs.
Instead of having one laptop with different specs at different price points, these assholes have different model numbers for each spec at a certain price. Ridiculous!

The fans are either paired together or on opposite ends. There’s no way of knowing because Acer is a company full of retards.

It has 2 upgradable RAM slots.

Has 3 storage options with 2 m.2 slots and one SATA drive bay.

The battery is a tad bit bigger than ASUS TUF and HP Pavilion’s but I doubt it lasts any longer.

7. MSI GF63

Now this laptop has a different unique design. It looks professional, okay?

It has only one fan location on one end of the laptop.
That’s a bummer.
It’s very obvious that this machine will experience thermal throttling.

Also, if the fan fails, you gotta replace it immediately. Whereas laptops with two fans could probably run with one fan and not burst into flames. Probably! Let’s not test that theory.

It has 2 upgradable RAM slots.

Storage has one m.2 slot and one SATA drive bay.

8. MSI GF75

Now this laptop is a beast.
Two cooling fans on opposite ends.
2 upgradable RAM slots, one SATA drive bay and one m.2 slot.

It’s also the most expensive on this list.

9. Asus Vivobook Gaming F571

This piece of trash is the ugliest laptop I’ve ever seen.

This is the probably the cheapest on this list.

It has one upgradable RAM slot.

Storage has one m.2 slot and one SATA drive bay.

Battery is small.

The fans are small and on opposite ends and the two heat pipes are shared by both the CPU and GPU.

If this piece of crap was put against the MSI GF63, who would win? The MSI GF63 would kill this machine a 1000 times and still live to tell the story.

Build quality is absolutely terrible. ASUS didn’t even attempt to make the plastic look good. One look at this laptop and it instantly reminded me of my netbook.

This is the cheapest-looking laptop of all the laptops on this list; and believe me, all the laptops here are cheap.

10. Acer Aspire 7

This is a rebrand of the Acer Nitro 5.
Same specs as the Nitro series. Internals look the same and the prices are the same.
Which begs the question – why the fuck did Acer waste so much time in replicating an entire line of products?

This looks like the uglier brother of Nitro 5.
If you want a cheap laptop that is ugly but not Asus-ugly, then the Aspire is for you.

So this was my list of potential laptops that I could buy.

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