I Got A New Laptop


Here we go!

I finally got a “brand new” laptop.
I spent a lot of time procrastinating on the announcement because I was working on some other things.

Like my previous netbook, I will not be revealing any specifics at this point.
As far as I can remember, I’d never mentioned specific details regarding my netbook, until I was finally in the process of moving away from it.

Now that I’ve switched devices, I can finally make the announcement.

I know this sounds ridiculous but this is part of my privacy-security threat model.
Writing articles in my no-nonsense, straight-forward, factual style is a dangerous hobby. It could get me killed.
Don’t believe me? Just look at China, India, Thailand, Egypt and a dozen other countries where bloggers have been arrested, jailed, or assassinated.

So I will not be discussing which laptop I finally managed to procure. At least not yet.

I will say this – I had to hassle a lot to finally get my hands on this device.
Had to go through a lot of hurdles to buy it.
First of all, all the stores that I visited had Intel laptops.
And once I mentioned that I wanted a dedicated GPU, they directed me to the gaming sections, with the Lenovo Legions and HP Omens.
I was disgusted!

It’s going to get worse from now on. Because laptop manufacturers have finally found a new way to scam consumers with yet another useless genre – laptops for creators, which are becoming increasingly popular in demand.

Remember when they came up with the ultrabooks? Then they invented the convertibles.
Now, they’ve invented laptops with microbials. Have you heard of this shit?
Pretty soon, they’ll invent laptops with retractible silicon hands targeted towards the basement dwelling neckbeards.

The first thing that I did was to look up the prices of all the laptops online.
Then I went to all the stores in my area and gathered their prices.
All the local stores had jacked up the prices by a significant amount compared to online stores.

I’m not a rich bastard.
And every online site I visited had some bad reviews from customers regarding opened packages and faulty devices and receiving devices with different specs…
I didn’t have enough money to tolerate all these fucking problems, okay?
I just wanted a brand new device with no problems! Delivered ON TIME.

Now I did order a laptop online.
But I did it directly from the manufacturer’s. Figured I’d have less problems in doing so. Buoyiyiyiyiy! Was I so wrong!
But that’s a story for another day.

And then I pulled a real gangsta move: I went to a couple of stores, showed them a different manufacturer’s laptop and asked them if they could get me one and for how much.
Imagine going to an Apple store and asking if you could buy a Surface Pro.

They all agreed. All I had to do was pick the one with the lowest estimate.
In doing so, I was able to avoid getting ripped off.

Now I chose a 2 year old laptop model, because it’s the only one I could afford. And that really sucks because I spent 800 bucks on a 2 year old model that sold for really cheap in the US.
In fact, I could get a refurbished laptop for 600 bucks with better specs!

A part of me has some percentage of buyer’s remorse because the laptop that I bought has now been made obsolete by newer better models at the same price point.

And I feel like an idiot because now, my new laptop is literally old and the only consolation I can give myself is that maybe it suits me because I’m a minimalist. But we all know that’s bullshit. I got conned.

Had I waited until now, I could’ve got myself a hexacore brand new 2021 edition laptop or at least the powerful Ideapad gaming 3.
And, on that line of thought, if I could wait a few more weeks or months, I could get an even more powerful laptop!
Jesus Christ!
Where does this all end?

In the market today, CPUs get obsolete really fast! GPUs are likely to stay relevant for at least 2-3 years. But new CPUs are been churned out annually so it kinda sucks for people who don’t have money to buy a new laptop every year or so.

So this machine has a quad core processor, a dedicated GPU, a single channel 8 Gig RAM and a slow ass HDD.
That’s right folks, I couldn’t afford an SSD. And I couldn’t afford 16 gigs of dual channel memory either.
BUT, it is upgradable. So in the future, I could add another RAM stick, an SSD and so on.
The NVIDIA GPU wasn’t compatible with LibreKrsnah Desktop OS v0.1 beta. I did spend several days working on LibreKrsnah Desktop OS v0.2 beta but the GPU problem still isn’t fixed.
So, I have to switch to Windows whenever I want to use the GPU.

In hindsight, perhaps I should’ve chosen an AMD CPU – AMD GPU config since I primarily run Linux. AMD CPU – NVIDIA GPU configs have a lot of problems on Linux. AMD GPUs though, aren’t as powerful as NVIDIA’s.

AMD CPUs just became faster than Intel. Up until 2019, Intel chips were still more powerful than AMD’s.

So, how does my “new” laptop stack up against my old ones?
Well, the CPU is at least 500% faster than my HP laptop and over 1300% faster than my Lenovo netbook!

The integrated GPU is at least 900% faster than the integrated GPU in my HP laptop and over 1000% faster than the integrated GPU in my Lenovo netbook.

The dedicated GPU is at least 2800% faster than the integrated GPU in my HP laptop, and over 3000% faster than the integrated GPU in my Lenovo netbook.

So, is it an upgrade? Of course!
But is it the best upgrade I could’ve made? No.

At the time of my purchase, the Ideapad Gaming sold for around $850 which was already over my $800 baseline. I’m quite surprised that Lenovo dropped the prices so quickly. I think this only goes to prove how Lenovo pricks can’t be trusted. I’ve heard this from several reviewers as well – Lenovo keeps changing their prices all the time. If the Ideapad Gaming started selling so well, I bet they’d bump the prices up to $1000 the very next day!

I’ll be adding an additional RAM stick in the future, and get an SSD. That should significantly bump up the performance.

It’s very weird that LibreKrsnah Desktop OS v0.1 beta took longer to boot on the “new” laptop than my old netbook. I think there will be some optimizations in the future.
I do have a roadmap for the upgrades coming next year, so maybe I’ll write an article about that.

Footnote: In explaining the details of the specs, I believe I’ve already doxxed my laptop. Oh well!

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