LibreKrsnah Analysis IV: Sheikha Latifa Al Maktoum

I have an important message for Sheikha Latifa’s friends, especially those who are actively working and fighting to free her:

Stop using mainstream corporate surveillance social networks such as WhatsApp and Instagram.
If you weren’t under scrutiny before, then, unless NESA is being run by a bunch of retards, you’ll all be under the radar.

And I don’t think NESA is being run by some retards.
If it were, then Sheikha Latifa would be free right now. Her 2018 mission would’ve been successful.

There are other suggestions that I’ve got for you regarding your privacy and personal security, as well as some suggestions for Sheikha Latifa’s security, that is, if you’re still able to contact her, which I highly doubt at this point.

Anyway, send me an email:

No trolls, spammers or jerks.