The Midnight Pub

Y’know, I like writing.
I enjoy writing. It clears my head for fresh new thoughts.
For the past decade, I’ve consumed a lot of content; a ton of books, seminars, lectures, YouTube videos, movies, standup comedy, documentaries, and music.
It’s great to consume content because it makes you more knowledgeable, perhaps even smarter; maybe even a genius, who knows?

But what good is a genius mind if it doesn’t produce anything?
So while I enjoyed consuming all that content, I also enjoyed writing on the side.
Writing was always my passion, dating back from my school days. I read a lot of books. Then I wrote some amazing stories.
Input and output folks – that’s what I’m talking about here.

I listened to a lot of music. And I wanted to share that music with others. It took me a decade to find that platform. But it finally happened.

I’ve watched movies and YouTube vlogs and skits. But I still don’t have a camera. The day I get one, I’m going to be famous.

I write a lot and over the years, I’ve found different platforms to suit my different writing styles and content. It’s great.
This site for example, provides a great platform for me to push a message to a large audience, considering that it’s one of the top results on search engines.
From the very beginning, I had decided, that I would use this platform to talk about things that mattered to me the most – no matter the subject. It could be my personal lifestyle, or an event, or something from the news, or technology, ethical issues, moral issues – it’s all here.
And I decided not to get too personal, but to focus on the bigger picture, on the greater good, on topics that didn’t just concern me, but humanity at large.

I managed to find some perfect places to talk about my personal life, both on the www and other, lesser known protocols.
My personal life is right up there, among the top search engine results.

After the pandemic forced most of us into isolation, I was constantly looking to pursue new adventures on the internet, with the exception of dating.
What more does the internet have to offer for a guy like me?

All my writing has been focused on real life since my appearance on the internet.
And the past year of lockdown has really jerked some strings inside my head and shaken things up.
I was getting tired of the reality and the news and shitty world that we live in today. It made me really irritated, and left me highly explosive.
If you look at some of my articles, I go in – I go in hard, armed with logic and facts, and I absolutely destroy it.
I will confess this – I do regret how hard I go sometimes. Reading the articles almost feels like being smacked upside the head.

I needed a place to cater to fiction. I’d been planning to pursue writing fiction for a while but didn’t make it happen, until recently.
There are venues for my fictional writing – specifically those that meet my requirements, but I wasn’t quite ready to dive right in.
Cosmic Voyage for example, is a wonderful place to write about space travel. The problem is, my knowledge about space travel is limited. I don’t watch a lot of science fiction movies or read comic books or novels of that genre. And so I had a plan to make it realistic, using scriptural evidence, to explain space travel or interplanetary communication. But the scriptural information is just so complex, that it’s put me off from diving right in. Because I have to break things down simply and then explain it in a sensible way any ordinary man would understand.

There was a Geocities site where I planned on writing romantic fiction. But that was held up by the fact that I hate, absolutely hate writing HTML code.

These are all on the list of projects to do, however, and I will eventually get them rolling. Once I’m in, there’s no stopping me. I just want to get things right and have a perfect story line in mind before I begin.
That’s the problem with me – I’m a perfectionist. I have to get absolutely everything right. It all has to be perfect. And I hate, really really hate, making mistakes.

If you got to this point, well, congratulations.
Introducing The Midnight Pub – a place where facts meet fiction. The Midnight Pub is a place where you can talk about anything – whatever’s on your mind; it could be your life updates, about your work, school, relationships, technology, your project, anything!

When I came across Midnight Pub last year, it was a strange site, which looked like the among sus game my friends had played on IRC, but without the gaming bullshit. Just text.
But the name Miso.Town did not inspire confidence. There was talk about a pub and a bartender who served drinks – I don’t drink! What the fuck was I supposed to do in here?
And I looked at the ASCII drawing of a map of the pub, and I just didn’t get it.

In all honesty, Miso.Town looked like a place that would fail, very soon.
I’ve seen a lot of sites pop up and disappear because of a lack of public interest, many of them, were pretty damn good.

But this was a fresh concept, a novel idea, and I made a mental note to come back in the future and see how it had evolved.
When I did some back, sometime in January, or was it February? Miso.Town was gone.

It never occurred to me to do some research and look into the site. Not even once. Perhaps that’s because I wasn’t quite impressed during my first visit.

If I did, then I would’ve found the alpha site, which was quite good, although it had it’s quirks.

When I go out and enter a bar, I love being surrounded by people and potentially meet new faces. The bar is finite, there aren’t a million people. I can hang out with my friends and engage with others to have meaningful discussion. I can talk about my day and struggles, have a laugh, and go home. But on internet everything seems to be at scale. The world is connected and it’s a huge network. Can’t we just recreate the local bar, figuratively, online? A small place, not overcrowded, that lets you go home without following you with notifications or ads. You can come with your friends or alone. I think that should exist online. Even better if it’s an online speakeasy or only a few people know about it. The service can only be better. Just like when you drink it’s easier to talk, maybe it’s also easier to write? At least when you are in a speakeasy you have an excuse to drink. When you are in front of your computer, alone it’s probably harder to justify. This can be your excuse! But writing is also a therapy. When it’s shared with people at least we’re heard. Much better to write away our thoughts when it’s midnight and we can’t sleep than keeping them in our head.

If this place is a virtual bar, then you should be represented somehow. Not a big fan of using a picture, where’s the imagination? Remember geocities? Say what you will, but I miss that type of web. People were able to customize everything. The background midi file playing added something too. It made it less generic. Not only pictures of yourself show who you are. That level of customization is important.

Right, so we’ve described the pub and your representation. Now you can enter the pub anytime. You won’t deal with a million people, maybe 1 or 2, but hopefully you will have a good, deep conversation. If not, you’ll still have a good time. Enough analogy for now and let’s discuss what are the things I absolutely don’t want to see. No metrics, no habit tracking, no word count, no click-bait, no notification, no email, no push. Yeah I know it’s possible to add them, but honestly we’ve got enough noise around us. No ads. Ever. This needs to be peaceful. As I said before, that should be a boring service. The place you go to after a long day and you want to take things off your chest. The focus is on longer-form writing and engaging. Engagement should be central actually, but scarce and meaningful. They should add something and help generate new ideas. It’s a place to create and build, not to consume. To write a lot and often, without worrying about writing well. Write as if you were anonymous. Actually, it’s encouraged to use a pseudonym. What people read here, they read it for the content, not for who wrote it. All of that while remaining simple. Internet in 2020 feels a lot like walking in a huge cyberpunk city with corporation everywhere. Let that place be the little quite bar that doesn’t judge you. No politics, but philosophy encouraged.


I found this yesterday, when I was planning to write this article.
No politics? haha
I just made you The Mayor of Midnight City. What’s done is done, and I’m not in the habit of erasing history.

And I wrote this – The Morning News which could be taken as slightly political, don’t you think?

I did read the guidelines before signing up though, and I think my post aligns with them.


  • Respect others
  • Be friendly
  • Have fun
  • Drink virtual cocktails responsibly


  • Pure self-promotion
  • Spam & Phishing
  • Hate
  • Share anyone’s private information
  • Harmful and illegal activities
  • Not Safe for Work (NSFW) content

Well, there goes the romantic romping I’d planned to include in future chapters of my story. Can I get an exclusion?
Maybe that’s asking for too much!
Well, off to Geocities we go!
Oh yeah, Geocities still continues to exist. I just haven’t linked it up.

It’s late. You are seconds away from the main street in a small alley. It’s quieter here, but you can still hear the sound of chatter, footsteps, and cars from busy downtown. The city is buzzing, the streets are like arteries. You see an intriguing place in the alley, with a moon on its door. It reads “The Midnight Pub”.

This is the passage that led me to sign up for Midnight Pub.
Fiction. This was home. This is where my therapist lived. This is where my girlfriend lived. I could be a hero, or a villain. I could paint myself in a positive image, or a negative. And I wouldn’t be judged by it. I could fly a plane, or own 10 mansions, I could be the President of an island nation. Or I could be a tiny man that lived in someone’s bra. I could be a warrior, a mercenary, or a coward living in the basement. It’s all up to the imagination. And that’s the beauty of fictional writing – it just keeps getting better!

A fictional story has no constraints.
Factual writing on the other hand, like I’ve been doing, is constrained by the real world. And what a shitty world we live in!

I’ve been living in self-isolation for over an year now. It stopped being fun after like 2 months? Then started the constant torture of being stuck with your thoughts in your own head.
Does it help living with your family? No. Trust me. Without love, and regular sex, no families can exist in one home for extended periods of time. And married people don’t make love, we all know that. Married people have fights and arguments about stupid bullshit. How many married women are tired of seeing their fat slobs of a husband sitting on the couch watching TV or on the computer all day?
Don’t answer that.
How many married men can’t stand their wives’ nagging any more?
Answer that.

What’s the number of married people who had an affair online in 2020?
Has anyone thought of that?

You think you’d want to spend all your time with your loved one, until you actually live with them. And then you don’t. And the longer you spend time with them, the more noticeable their annoying behaviors become. Until you can’t stand them anymore.

Psychology. I think I’m going to be a psychotherapist in Nightfall City soon! Where I can dump some of these depressing facts on married people and watch them get divorced. I could be a divorce lawyer! And, as a bonus, I get to “offer comfort services” to the newly divorced women!

Oh yeah, and there’s The Nightfall City!

If life in the pub was too restrictive for you, there’s an entire city out there, which resembles the cyberpunk future we’re all looking forward to.

That requires some general knowledge of how pubnixes work, SSH, Gopher and Gemini protocols. It’s all quite simple, actually. So do not be discouraged to explore the future of open internet.

The Midnight Pub and Nightfall City are like an oasis in the desert of the corporate surveillance networks and the storms of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Seek shelter in one of the mud huts, and adapt to survive. This storm’s just getting started.

The beauty of Midnight Pub is that you can access the site from the regular web or from gopher and gemini. And that’s a really cool concept. Cosmic Voyage has also implemented web, gopher and gemini. And Midnight Pub will be the second to implement all three protocols for a single site. And it gets a thumbs up from me.

Now someone may wonder, “Why implement gemini and gopher when the regular web already exists?”
Because the web absolutely sucks!
The moment some capitalist corporate crooks decided to inject advertisements and trackers and all that bullshit into regular webpages, thus clogging the internet with all that crap, the www was doomed.
There are no ads or trackers in the gopherholes or geminispace.
Intelligent people love that.
Stupid people, don’t use adblockers when browsing YouTube.

Anyway, 2021 is the year of Gopher and Gemini protocols. The users are taking their internet and freedom back. And the capitalist corporate crooks can kiss my ass!

Update: Initially I said Cosmic Voyage had implemented only the web and gemini. I forgot. It’s also implemented gopher! Officially making it the first site to offer all three versions in my books.

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