2021: The Age Of Hypersexuality

Today I want to talk about a very controversial topic.
This is one of those topics that most journalists would prefer not to work with because, well, the first rule of every journalist is that they should mind their own business!

A few weeks ago, well, on 26th January 2021 to be exact, I wrote an article that never made it online. It was titled: YouTube: The Boobs Pandemic.
And this particular piece never made it online because it was a general observation. And I kept thinking, what does this have anything to do with me? It’s a bunch of women minding their own business. They’re not causing anyone any harm. They’re just working very hard to put food on the table, and feed their families.
And you can’t argue with that philosophy, can you?

Now I wrote that article for gopher, and I’m gonna put it on gopher, where it belongs, where people will have to put in some work to view it. And rightfully so.

A few days ago, I noticed a very strange phenomenon on the internet that has lingered on my mind for some time. Well, it’s not quite strange as it is disturbing, for me at least.
But again, it’s none of my business. It’s other people’s business and I’m going to write this piece from the view of a general observer.

There’s this lady named Danielle Bregoli, who recently turned 18.
Ever since she became an internet celebrity, everyone’s been following her online for entertainment.
Meanwhile, the pervs on the internet, had been forecasting and making bets on when she’d “drop them nudes”.

This reminds me of Billie Eilish in another scenario. When Billie Eilish turned of legal age, a number of deepfakes were dropped online.
Now everyone knows Billie’s got money. She ain’t flashing for no dollar bills.

But Danielle’s where everyone had placed their bets on. And rightfully so.
No sooner had she turned 18, than she opened an Onlyfans account.

Now, bear with me here, this is all quite disturbing and I’m trying to waive a story without jumping from point to point haphazardly like a monkey on crack.

18 years old and she opened her Onlyfans account. She turned 18 on Mar 26th, and her Onlyfans went live on 1st of April.
Just how much thought did she put into it?

To me it all seemed like a plan. “I’m gonna turn 18 and I’m gonna go live on Onlyfans.”
And there’s nothing wrong with that.
She has the freedom and right to do so.
But she’d carved out a pretty decent career after leaving Dr Phil’s anyway. She made a bunch of YouTube videos and gradually began creating music. And it was okay. Definitely wasn’t the worst I’ve ever heard.
She had some talent there. And I think a lot of people agreed that she’d grown and matured and turned out much better than they’d initially thought.

But then she got a shitload of tattoos and then joined Onlyfans.
I don’t like tattoos. No offense. Maybe one or two is fine. But when you’re covered in ink, I just find it repellent.
I don’t like Onlyfans because it’s a corporate capitalist endeavor. And for the past few years, it’s just been a medium for sexual exploitation and ripping off virgin neckbeards who can’t get laid.

I don’t think 18 year olds are capable of understanding the consequences of the sex industry. Onlyfans is a part of the sex industry, right?
When you’re 18, you’re still a teenager. You’re prone to making quick decisions without giving them much thought. And that can end pretty badly especially when you make a series of bad decisions.

When you join the sex industry, everyone begins to think of you in terms of sex. You become a sexual object, that’s all. And there isn’t a lot of respect and honor in the sex industry. It is not a respectable and honorable job. You can’t expect to be viewed respectfully when you just agreed to be slapped around and choked and spat on in some porno movie, okay?
Once you’ve shown people your nude body, it’s hard to make people respect you. Someone somewhere is always going to think of you as a sex symbol or a sex object. Objectification.

This is why the boomers preferred to get married or be in relationships over having affairs and just sleeping around with everyone. If you sleep around easy, nobody’s going to respect you. That’s the whole point of dating someone, going out with them, paying for movies and food and buying gifts and so on… It’s not supposed to be easy to get laid. You have to put in the work and effort to build trust and love and understanding and respecting each other’s boundaries. You’ve got to build the goddamn foundation, okay?
This is why 90 year old couples stuck by each other’s side until death. This is why people’s hearts melt when they see an old couple holding hands or kissing or having a small argument. Because they built a strong foundation and worked to get there. It wasn’t easy.

Where’s the work when you flash someone some money and they show you their tits? That’s no work. Absolutely zero effort. One person flashes the money, and everyone in the vicinity enjoys the free view! It’s a free goddamn show!

Within 6 hours, Danielle Bregoli made over a million bucks on Onlyfans.
Now that – has got to be in the guinness book of records for simps.

Belle Delphine has got some serious competition!
And Belle’s already gone full porno-mode.
Think about how much Danielle will make when she gets to that point.

Capitalism folks. Capitalism has caused this. Where people are willing to do anything for money.
It is a damn shame really, because 20 years from now, these are the same people who will come out crying saying they experienced sexual harrassment from all the basement dwelling simps who paid for the content in the first place!

Remember the days of plain old porn? Where people still acted like normal civilized beings?
And now everyone’s got kinks and fetishes and it’s like a big black endless hole when you peek inside.

So many former pornstars have come out to talk about the dark side of the sex industry. Their words fell on deaf ears. Who wants to hear a wrinkled old hag with saggy tits cry about being mistreated when you’ve got the perkies raking in hundreds of thousands every month?

But remember, you too will grow old. Your youth will fade away. Those perky breasts will sag with weight and age. And you’ll fade into irrelevancy. Nobody will notice you anymore. Nobody will think of you. Nobody will care.

I think a lot of these women are high on dopamine from all the money and attention they receive online. But it’s temporary.

That’s my primary concern with all these famous upcoming teenagers who’re diving headfirst into the Onlyfans business to make some quick cash.
No amount of money will buy back your integrity and your innocence.
There’s women charging up to 300 bucks for a bunch of photos or a video. Like are you goddamn insane? There’s free porno everywhere and you’re charging a hundred bucks for a few pics!
And who are the simps buying these stuff?

I believe this problem began with the oversexualization of everything.
Kids in school now have smartphones and tablets and computers and access to all these crazy stuff, and it ruins their brains.

There’s so much taboo porn online, it’s insane.
So many YouTubers have dived into the taboo porn content and I keep wondering, what will happen to their children?

Has anyone thought about the effects this content will have on the next generation?
Remember back in the old days when people overheard their parents humping like rabbits through the walls and were disgusted?
Now think about the current situation – you’ve got all these thousands of men and women producing taboo content and many of them have kids. What will their children grow up to think when they discover mommy has been flapping her tits all over Onlyfans talking about incest stuff?

Has anyone given it a thought?

And people talk about roleplay. Do you want to find your parent online doing roleplay? Do you?
It’s just so fucking weird to even think about it.

This all leads me to think that the world has embarked into the age of hypersexuality.
I’m going to release an article that dives deep inside the head of a hypersexual person. And the reader will be able to understand how all this sexual stuff fucks up people’s brains and turns them into straight-up psychopaths.